{for the fvp: the x-mas tree pan; trash can continued.

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{as included photographs for in recent post, more of}

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up on 3517

{ the existential experience of the can } -after sitting around in a brown

bag and then a plastic bag inside

theme : with stains of guacamole [sp?]

and in an owner’s moving storage

it’s (still – not) alive

not yet photographed close to-itself

only outside in its perhaps temporary

ext. covering

is it alone

does it “feel” temperature un-alive

surely, it does

“receive” variation = temperature-


the next steps in-making

lay-out on a trash, hygiene-d

lift for a few hours

outside of brown

but still inside plastic bag(s)

and remove:

rub down with

some amount of

collected cigarette [sp?]

ash ; and

then paint

with any available

nail polish in small

parts ; is available

blackcolor n.p. [nail polish] [in this case is what I happen to have]

notes of observation : as it dires; I mean dries (more) on-the one side the combination of nail polish plus lotion almost like a lacquer tarnish : can’t remember lotion brand but n.p. brand cited is : sinful colors professional ; continue to dry unbound before inserting back into damp

and of course to be two sets of … ]


plastic bags

and brown bag

store with used

cis./cig. butts

& more plastic

as fastening process


continues ; also store if possible with cited silica gel packaging from food next give it a shake bfore storing in

first plastic bag.

theme: blast! – ick 

ba – ba -bas

theme: a how-to monumental art.

theme : the

ash is symbolic

of existing decay


until caught on something

such as art

piece use /

making use. 

tags: new-age?


without shelter



themes, basic: 

close to-one/your



internal , external 

cited, also :


by seligman, m

cited further : as obtained

thru / through






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