Death Art Notes in {brief} ; the death tin

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… that I’m not too tired to access

by Goura Fotadar typed up 3417

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


the rest should go another, gallery of this so far art piece: or else it just gets to be too much!

I think this is the public link {below where I added the rest of what I have of this tin’s voyage into objectification-righteous and not objectification-non-righteous [aside theme: are your folks keeping you from making art and like you actually want to do that; here’s why; I mean above’s why; they can’t do without un-righteous objectification; so no says the ascetic; [so, again] they are not holy. sorry? but like you like like still like have a chance at that holy or art. holy and-or art. what a blessing! ]  further; i.e. images of the art piece} : cited: voicethread

written up, with more detailed art notes of its making [coming soon!], just when I get the energy to sort through more of homeless notes, this portion on 3.2.17

on the death tin

as photographed:

all those we-aks

later: the cliche’ swan

has still not dried

[reality-based skit fanatic: don’t forget to make

a petitional handout [no me, not you don’t me forget]

for the fictional voluntier [project] additional short arrow down to

about: ? including residences, too. Leave me-us alone, residences! when I wasn’t homeless; I never! abused homeless people on-the-streets. you jerks! ] [can we call a justice clause.]

arrow down to and the nail polish ink

has started to spread past

all of the layers of


it’s like a dead mummy;

what could it mean?

well upon obvious existential-examination : of l’arte death

piece in a-, new interpretation :

[minus of course studio space ;

and art, and other-

things of physical storage ]

is in itself an absence

of verification; well almost

like an incomplete

in acceptance from

something for some reason

asked its opinion about it;

like a stage of Early Death:

but when applied inversely


this stage of death might

be useful as a


theme, art: I’m gonna build with my mind a new world ; like a stable-blue-volcano 

theme, death for? : any closer to my back seated in a public chair with that many repeating; is a hate crime waiting to happen. [to who, again; because I don’t commit crime. even if you lie about that. it hasn’t actually happened.] [can we call a justice clause.]


it doessmell

good.  { I don’t know are cushions supposed to smell good; ? rather I was talking about the scent implying death-like life; hence something [like] if not same as exi-stential experiential states of non-being in its case}

The spread of nail polish ink

in the outdoor storage

of backpacked

compartment ; if even

covered in the rain :

is a sign of either disease

fiction, theme: a friend is a friend regardless of its species if even you are same species; unrecognized it still shows stage non-fake of friend. {or different] }

arrow down from sign to   in art

in art   or life or

diseased life ; but

certainly even death by disease

theme : and his name was …

disease …

he thought that was

a … compliment 


theme : it’s always ?

              greek and latin 

aside -theme:    in reverse 

                                  & upside

                                down [?]

[upside down, will have to draw it at some point question mark] is hi?; 

no perhaps 

better is

[;] [. ,] [but the comma reversed][ is that also a mirror?] [is a mirror also] be?

for this assigned reference 

here, anyway,.

The thing [art tin, see creature appeared indoors, deep indoors]: has given

birth to life,




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