A new application of Charity: The Reduction of Crime, cont. in the third? part so far. & more definitions of, … & “captured” & Obs. how-tos

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up, further: on 2.22.17

” … I’m using that for something. ” Other notes: I nearly witnessed a drug deal today near the bus-stop; but there were no drugs, and no deal happened; so there’s nothing to report in this criminology: crime anthropology observation; at that point … Thank (God!) … !

Q: How do you tell a criminal lookout from a non-criminal lookout?

My answer is you position a non-criminal similarly to find out more about the situation of Lookout. Why? Is it the food, transportation, etc. inhibiting such functional if functionings are acts of terrorism and not just regular crime. Well; after the Buddhist service; it’s now time to go to Church; other theme tags; inter-religious/intra-religious self-dialogue, at least; but spirit-intra-inter; there is contradiction?

on, 2.19,17 theme, fictional: my pants are a repeatedly cleaned toilet that now smells like a flowering scene of happiness; how is this possible , toil, ets.

uh, non-fiction: more definitions of “eau de toilette” [Should make sense, i a b i a hurre’ so guess to sense, till a toll check]

of course at first brake for me now; I notice

the toil [ and because I’m only using English in this parenthetical sit;]

toil – et / te , tete is almost I believe an eng lish

partition nowadays; but I’d have

to look it up —

so back to toil et te , there’s also toil teet

or toil tee’t

the extra can go nearly

anyw(ear) though (arrow curves to, —-



eau de t

eu date

double arrow lines

ue date toil tee

eu  (makes most expansive so)

eu'(accent as apostrophe follower?) date toil tee

expect : your shirt to

be ruined when you are in europe?

or in a specific european associated meeting or day

=> and how does this almost imply perfume and-or scent : perhaps the first thing (arrow to) people / folks observe

is the change of scent upon the toil and-

or ruin (but that would be obs.)


the : informational religious 

            read analysis

Religious Research Reading for the FVP: 2.19.17 to answer questions about situational-hostage-hostage-hostage inquiries withing reading: coming across the cited: Holy Bible Menlo Park Presbyterian Church New International Version I further once again flipped to cited: DEUTERONOMY and under heading : “Marrying a Captive Woman” I couldn’t help ponder at 1st overview of the small paragraph : from my own whence religious -citational experience that the description : matches closely the ascent into monkhood of at least certain Buddhist disciplines; at least used to be, recent – ish, though; but certainly not only; recent – ish.  … it goes in the paragraph … “12 Bring her into your home and have her shave her head , trim her nails and put aside the clothes she was wearing when captured.” though the instructions/ (p.191) summations, the extract continue to figs of “husband … wife.” It begs! us to ponder what may

theme: translate again church means gathering

                                                                         (arrow down to)

                                                                         gathe – ring

include … “capture … d” . Perhaps it would be best to examine the rest of this section to get a more succinct – ness of this term: situation. Aside, note: for some might enter phase : capture much after the onset of a relationship – connexion: living situation; popular examples if even fictional might include the movie: “Sleeping with the Enemy”  where necessarily the “wife” was not on onset assumingly exactly “captured” but then so “captured, ” until … pardon the nuanced, pun-like meanings here; but they help enunciate the complexity of this criminologie’ and at chance through religious literary diagnostic, also. 2.21.17 more, notes, observations, and other how-to’s for the fvp: theme, observation: there’s a woman nearby me dressing/dressed in in-appropriate fashion application touching herself: and not in an appropriate aromatherapeutic method/ way; and now almost there’s a man-and-a-boy doing the same thing: under, oh my god! A brilliant inventor has solved the wet; not whet? book [store – age] problem in a perfect way ; who knows where else/wear else this invention may in addition resolve issues; I know it specifically lends itself to a whole new way of seeing/seaing [describe more later] the invention is a plastic umbrella bag at a local, public library to complement even other library, local gifts : like cloth bags, pens, and chocolate; not to mention pervasive in-depth free to-keep/toss after consumption reading material, and note/scratch paper and pens. cited: brainstormers et al [punc.] the umbrella design-print (cited) for some raison d’etre reminds me of meal-time; and more accurately the right time: as, (in) gosh I’m hungry [under] … it’s time to eat. On fashion notes: Sure you may have water-proof mat, er, i, al; but the book(s) checked out could-likely still get wet while you move around, covered or not (your-self) from the water;

[ more to come, with more public (work) space time … ]




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