While I make the music work (Part Second.)

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by Goura Fotadar

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tags of interest: space allocation elocutions?

non-emergency from “appointment by car, bus taxi or plane.”

proofing notes: for this segment same cited main publication as yesterday’s post and quotes this segment in quotations are from / is from the cited main publication of yesterday’s post ing (so much, repeating/repetition)

Sum, ary Notes: on 1.24.17

to post: typed up on 2.13.17

from ” What Doesn’t Apply?”

(why might the incumbent necessarily

regular and not fill-in need;


arrow to a vigilance reminder that all medical–

“A.b.c”. receivers may be poor enough in monetary wage to not have reliably

regular and safe transportation

and-or transportation. In certain areas, even with a bus voucher ; the bus, public transportation may not

be safe enough;

to reliably

take it,


to even


arrow down

arrow right

part I. (of this portion segment after pre-phase?) Variation of Established Safe-t: A Trick?

In transportation then;

it would be a place to

ask for what constitutes

safety needing such service

in their perspective-definition:

of safety and weather

this version-idiosyncratic

presumably to some variation

matches established and meaningful

as of actual verify-able if even in truth:

Observation such as; subject matter: medical

anthropology : of what is constructed and

so; established safety. This international, domestic;

and whatever – level of already accessible

guidelines may not actually as in old-age non-warranted

adages codes of constructed safety and despite

such establish[e]ment; establish … . it would then;

be appropriate to state that though such-service

in cognition to its relevance of medical needs

met; maybe the ingenuity when examined

in thorough reading that was also

meant to re-establish

actual safe-t/safety.

Part II. (of this segment portion) The assumed (service) in-actuality

exists because;



[Next Phase for this Posting: More on The Wonderful World of Criminology in The Vortex Scene: Street Homelessness in Non-Criminal Highly Est. Capacity.]

[Under Phase Heading: Things of Relevance]


in the are-a; gives a whole new definition like a cited: T>V? commercial to the word area

for The FVP 21117

especially relevant

for the working homeless

especially those w/out

common wealth if even

in/classified by instead

protected wealth. Stalking 

near cited: 7-11 within a 2 mile

radius ; and not with engagement

In actual activity

this includes rest as activity

including meditation; in-actuality

includes deceit regarding

authority-ship; false/imitating

hygiene, parcel;

crime, report, continued:  {insert art with such title?}

Aside Note: This is not loitering or camping

it’s called working ; which includes meditation .

crime, report, continued:  {insert art with such title?}

-impersonations of authorities: include non-joking declarations of veteran status which is in false standing; 

–pretending to be in the same-situation as functional safe homeless groups

to take away their earned resources , spaces, and storage capacities.

(a hear repetition) ; and spread openly malfunctal [no type  last word, proof; sic] rumors

theme: there’s way too many people walking behind me; and there’s a whole lotta a room to walk in

about them. 

-the use of parking space  even in a permit[t]able albeit non-temporare’ lot;

with  with  a line to: a noticeable amount of out-of- state license plates something up-to four vehicles and by more than one party arrow down to and despite a declared one or more housing [boxed last word] address. Note: Please familiar with the various meanings of significance with regard to actual ethical law; ethique of term-word: declaration.

-the use of both anti-semitic & and (anti-) (anti-)(anti-semitic)

arrow to at the third level : prejudice against those that are not prejudice & with disregard to their race-ac|tural associations

at the second level: non-prejudice

at the first level: prejudice

persecutory banter against them: : I won’t let you touch plastic that is being paid for; for you; because you are not prejudice and-or racist; and so I do not like you.

Response: Yes, but I am elitist. & your banter does not meet the requirements of my elitist production–service efforts.

-the repeated staring at homeless people when spotting; speeding up and down in vehicles especially near their sleep-rest spots. & while they are working in public spaces allotted for such case -use

-the bombardment of each actual working if even for no wage outside homeless pers on [not a typo/ proofing sic.] especially with numerous bodies; past a 10-to-1 body limit ratio.

-and perhaps here noted as the most dangerous: the perfunctory denial and blandishment of all actual non-criminal civic engagement practiced by any variation of esp. the homeless population and especially as implied in description in uniform of false authority.

-leaving vehicle doors open and belongings of expected common-high worth un-guarded for extended un-watched periods-of-time especially near the functional safe outside h-less groups; to set up the false perpetuate-ment ? of their un-just and un-holy victimiz-ion (ation)

theme: look at (next page, too) 

also, the movement

into the body space

of esp. street h-less people and if even in completely open and sparsely located places

the invasion of their spots




banter at-all-times,

and even stolen

rest?   ; whenever

boredom or some


malfunction strikes.

-one more thing: there are way too many non-trans men using the women’s bathroom and-or their akin men; even with a men’s bathroom right next door; when kindly reminded in their non-female and-or not-trans-female to use the men’s bathroom they turn violent: and to say the least: they are not friendly toward women, actual and or-men of actual, women-like exhibition whatever that eh might bean; theme: phonetically variants are edifying so says second grade trauma recover (y) successes-achievements ;

anyhow and actual homeless people especially street homeless people who will have-do have high need for safe-clean public restrooms that are also free theme: though the quarter use backup is also helpful ; the other connecting likely recognizable situation as described in pattern is that some of these people are posing as street homeless people, especially; and spreading perceivable false truths in myth around through intentional volitional harmful & perpetruator-y [sp?] -truary [isp?]behavior. Fortunately, the only ones likely to believe these falsities are others of their misconduct-level status. And of course; belief means: that you definitely know it to be true.

aside, theme: presented-past: periods in foil a new circumventing channel of intelligence. ])






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