The Housing / Shelter Problem

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Continues: The Location of the in-outside bare! combination has been a securite’ severing Issue. 


The Proof, Continues; 

[fiction-theme (to post) : snot-nose figger! (not:)  theme: nues: of the ocean ]


it see [ms.?] when examining traditional housing; the location if even freeing in-terms of convention; of shelter-housing-apartment-housing, etc. is always not wear: it might appearingly have been more free. & how is to: proof; there have been many incidentas of trauma in in-door shelter; but trauma has also surely occurred elsewhere, too? In any case; if one associates trauma with cover shelter; then sleeping out-

The Blase’ Portion of-the Shelter Proof

side may not be a lack of money; and-or because of; necessary giving up money-based work; but a necessary l’urgente personal healer. Such as cited: ptsd; like symptoms: while having the experience of the really bad shakes in an environment that you “feel” causes you to experience such ; you might want to leave when possible; and permanently if so, possible.

The next, re-visit : the geographic location of non-traditional housing – ‘scuse me (w)resting if even it’s the side-slab of pavement.

2.2.17 location/word diagnosis 

{analysis}  cited: Palo Alto (magazine)

P’alo|Alo it seems this is more of  a pronunciation diagnoses

at this point; and perhaps a basically edifying assertion is that pronunciation

has a connection to location :

such as the statistic : accent;

also; location/pronunciation diagnosis

a slight leap away from :

location / word diagnosis;

in any case: geo-alto

is almost what to call it; not reminding the differentiation : of alto succinct -exactly; other than height – vocalise. in any case :

P alo Alto => the repetition :

of the ‘alo’

and while so close, together,

it seams : theme: seams to build;


to negate

the one series: alo

you would in order to create a geo-alto or code name for location/ pronunciation D.

say it term: a-l-o once

hyphenating the 2 into a 1 and following

it with what’s left: t :

so P’ alo Alto

the apostrophe signifying

the up-coming hyphenating

to be imposed brake:

P’alo-t => where the ‘o’


is almost silent :

silent ‘o’ s mean


and would such  affixation

circumvent speed in location

identification of speech; how

might these be useful ; more-so

than at normal speed; and if

only applied to other knowledge


theme: the people behind me

stink! & I sleep outside 

next, the basic re|cognition of the

accent: is the 1st : the guess/know

of where it’s from;

where it (wear it)


2nd: of use; for what, ethique-morally

purpose ; but to be able

to switch: accents:


or mouth /

affinity or rather

developed skill.


when looking again at

the arrow angle up to almost new: P’alo – t

it sounds like: Pal (o) (t)

‘scuse me looks like :

Pal – to  & even

if you didn’t have any Pals that

you wanted to see : it seems from

this analysis of the name: “Palo Alto”

that you would pick a location for

a shelter time-construct or even

a tent outside; where a Pal could

get to ; and of course in this Modern Day:

a Pal could get to nearly any: Location;

but perhaps with regard to the “healing”

home-less  scene/seen : Pal – to

might mean where a supposed

“Pal” if even non-existant;

could sight your site; so, again:

a tent on the pavement: “catches”

the “danger” (perhaps) in inordinate

absurd proofs that could-is-does

reside in tradi-shelters; and tradi-

shelter locations. and of course that’s

only if-might-be in the location named

in letters Pal-to; and if the

name were changed {going

all the way back to cited:

Shakespeare that play: no!}


then too much work would have

been {in, entropy; work energy units, and whatever … ?}

done for the new name; perhaps again; new; for the new name …

to create an exerted change wreaking

havoc as a “bad smell” to your safely set-up Tent or



in that “Pal” – to location.

theme wear l’urgente is loathe 



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