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for The FVP

reading notes by me; obvious, Goura Fotadar

typed up, more: 1317

source, citation, text: again (by) Tracy Barone “Happy Family”

P. 281 literary analyses , contn.

“The descriptions of the most elemental transitions of existence were lost between worlds.” … “There were near-death experiences of going into the light, but those sounded too much like alien abductions for Cheri’s taste.


The house was now ensconced in the dome of illness; visitors—the few Michael wanted to see — seemed to automatically lower their voices.”

You feel something of the levels of house.

perhaps b/c of the backdrop of the “element(s)” of life & “death”

& terms like (candle?) “esconce-” “dome” … (arrow up, to more)

“transitions” “existence” “worlds”

“between” & “lower” … posit:

It seems encaptured in at least

an art metaphysical state the thing:

house; from-it: we (italics) can

quite literally see(a) into all-of existence

including “transition(al)” states, etc. We

(italics) must wonder if this thing house

translates into any shelter situation; and the variant

of see(a) changes; supplements; against one-another’s.

p.288 cited: (for) the Death Project

” … inhaling the sour

chrysanthemum scent of illness”

theme: I knew bad luck? was;

comin’ my way?

theme music citation: en vogue you’re never gonna get it

P.291 The house thing, goes on:

(and before including the (rele)vant text, here) connected to the  / connecting

to the title of book: “happy family”

to create basic logic , out of the two:

does one equate the other; or the opposite of the other:  house, thing implies “happy family” “happy family” or implies the opposite ——-> of the house, thing

(double /reverse logic)

P.291, contn. cited: for The Death Project {first arrow to}

logic : to suit your needs.

and more about the house, thing; in the text;

as an existential/death-like (line to) seance-r?


{first arrow,} the obvious perhaps shelter as a viewing for death – a metaphor – a way to spiritually progress in the notion of death as an existence

(line to) “The house is outside of time, suspended by Michael’s rattling inhale and exhale, the click and hum of his morphine pump, which  … now controls.

… All there is, is contained in this room, and everything —– the musty air, the sunlight slanting through the window, the ratty mouse with its button eyes —– is holy. ”

Now even a room in a house can enable a Being, person, identity; to see, even comprehend to some extent: ” … All there is, … is holy.”

& perhaps these are architectural, as well as;  public welfare notes ,: how would you apply this to sleeping, outside: ? as a form of rest / as even work shelter: replacement : a way to see, : ” … All there is, —— is holy.”

and to even existentially seance

(the environs , your : self, etc.) ;

where death can be, in one existence of

it : an option seance – r to a higher existence ; hence, term : seance – r past even the paste_of_Life

theme: life/death

theme : (music) (citation) : glass animals Life Itself (again)

-As a solution, first start with observations: at this point I’m in a no – tent, stage

Title : (No Tent) Obs.

a) Even in a

plateau climate there is

just barely survivability

conditions , outside. However

the bare is significant :

the exchange is/are

– no hostage situations / threats

– no non-atmospheric & connected

limitations on your, work;

work production

– no shelter threats of violence

& false arrests

– no competitions of vanity,

– no expectations of prostitution





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