the art project continued … no photograph, from yesterday

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the rest typed up on 1.29.17

theme, new: cake us ; green


(3) insert into it empty in a layering : thing(s) that no longer work – that you will need; things that work but parts that are complete; something you like; and a memento of preferable generosity combined with the conception of struggle as outlined in (1) (yesterday); let lay out; open for whatever is an affordable period of time

theme: oh my god! I knowthat guy, I think I do! 

(4) in mine is: an empty liter box, two-three used cigs., a used so empty cited: warm hands wrapper , a leaf , and a used charred matchstick

(5) wrap up with dental floss; and either use the outside desige (n) of the c.b. or turn it inside out; the chocolate bar in my case here is actually named; as I just got re-informed cited: LILY‘s as at cited: WholeFoods

(6) then cover with available nail polish; and dust with a waiting cig. public tray’s ashy-charcoal

(7) place on the ground or wherever to dry out enough to carry

(8) the intentional art: since I don’t know “LILY” I can’t give it to her; unless I send it to the wrapper’s address with an envelope : which I don’t currently hav’

theme motif, continued: “LILY” birds, black; flavor: “blood orange”


                                              –>     —>                                     —>

an empty parking lot (to, a; above relational diagram) 

(9) don’t forget to paint the back, too

(10) The mystery’s puzzle of where this ware went.

Part two.

(11) wrap in a wax food’s left-over wrapper; and place

an available piece of plastic as a placeholder so as to disguise the art

(12)  place under your feet; and set an intention as you hold it there

12 1/2 {arrow to} etch loosely protect me for-ever around the front in this case where the name: “LILY” is, over and over again to create a print { an also how to create; a print}

12 1/4 {arrow to} take the nail polish and smear on the back once the front is dri-enough and then use the plastic placeholder to create a wave-mash onto the back of l’are-t

(13) then remove and walk to toss it in a: trash ; I found a dump with a hanging cable so I did a loose wrap.



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