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A Re-Development of 4th grade; unfinished … here {so far}


cited: San Francisco Chronicle, Section c, on Tues. 01.24.17

Title of Article: ” A ray of hope for mentally ill homeless” (author of article) heather knight

Main-line qualification un-specified: Location: S.F. 

action: argu ment

prodigy: “homeless problem”

genuis: “evaluat  i” on … “ideas actually worked.”

arrow to: qualifier : “Bay Area”

arrow  to l.u. what posits this area against the tide of other areas; therein so establishing

{italics here identify presumed non-quoted from l’artic text; but obviouse’ stressed pin-points; the pin-points are in italics then;}

conceptual area: and qualitative weight each area may have presiding over others. In the case of an un-qualified problem albeit identified “homeless” ; it might be likely that-a weightier area likely economically with a: “homeless problem” might consequentially a/effect even the rest of the world. And perhaps not in any, way that any smoking dope may fail into a belief . Not there? is anything against the least foreign of those present used meanings of dope. Such a basique’ question: (But so complex): How might in difficulty a strategically weighty part of the world with a # of its residents; i.e. homeless, residing onthe streets explain its contribution to work revenue; of-the-world?

The Hearsay: Sociological-Politico Thought; One likely blah-popular? expla(i)nation might-be : that the non-homeless in arrow to such areas esp. street people are saint-like in their enormous work-production-and-giving efforts holding the entire world’s revenue upon their shoulders; & when asked if such supposed saint-like producing workers/and having had produced saint-like now retired: need help through even a clutch courtesy call : the response might-be: You know it’s very difficult (forus) (the cited: h-less population) and we don’t talk about it.

The Progeny; But part of the courtesy call would be to evaluate that likely such work-sainthood were/was/has/is taking place; otherwise : the h-less problem is a larger problem than can be encapsulated in tradi geo-economy revenue; instead; it might signify almost existentia level such as- something as catacly/clas/mic as a pre-emptive dino/saur/sore wattage.

The Final; Qualifier 

If in-fact whether (you) believe it (or not); the work-producers are not seismically saintly is in work-production -and-giving in that esp. imperative such qualified area; it is those on the streets keeping most of the brinking world a-float, until …

The Predictor; what happens?

Page 2. Comments of Observation of the ; on-the : same l’article

date: 1.27.17

1st page. back-to of article : ” … banning sitting or lying on sidewalks and aggressive pan-handling?” {basic questions; what sensibly constitutes non-aggressive “pan-handling”}

quinter quest: theme: occupational space theory what would be the non-preferential purpose other than; the need to walk on, or run on sidewalks ; unless very specifically crowded ; sidewalks in more than specifically designated areas; might be avoided to make rest space for those resting/residing there; unless of course you wanted to join; or else walking around the resting bodies; and only when absolutely necessary, and avoiding bothering resting bodies, there.

The quest of habitual decorum may not longer be utilisable status quo; when there is a bludgeon of actual h-less people who don’t take to the proposed hypothetical comfort of shelter: in other more conunding works : Ew, there are h-less or other people residing on-the sidewalks; where residing might also include temporary a la’ rest-t; may not be effective afffecting synaptic referencing,

A continuing status terminology:  Ew! there are h-less people on these sidewalks , and they … ! … shouldn’t be here. 

Theme: The SideWalk’s Ownership.

1.28.17 today’s un-photographed l’arte’ project for The FVP  the usual “protect me  forever … ” (un-named this time)

theme 1: ooh, the theorie’!

theme 2: the wish-construction motif: blah! continued.

(1)Think of something you are currently struggling with; that you can’t “exactly” control; that you will look past your own prohibiting proclaim – ations if even internal to fix-construct. For me: (no prohibitions? as a joke) it is the current severity of the weather theme: oh whether conditions; while seat(ing)-sleeping outside.

theme: oh magic! 

(2) Think of something you will never struggle with; where control is not currently a factor; and capture it with with a cognate-memento : for me, a chocolate bar wrapper … (t.b.c)


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