That a, thing and the 1.17.17 Ad: Your Security Camera

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additional notes of safety, while

camping out on-the street i.e. you

are a street resider and predominantly

have been working out of pubic spaces:

after about a half-day’s boundary

non-criminal enforcement

(i.e. this does not exclude reformed criminals {“just”: let out } residing on –

streets) you notice attempted thefts of even closed up, & discrete

and even clean street people/ person’s materials from those

not actually residing on the streets : (later, look at definitions of clean versus “clean”


attempts at about one-hour prior-to public work-space; (free)

opening with repetitions

and an escalation of attempts at about the half-day point:

examples: of escalation are filling otherwise mostly empty places

where street people predominantly reside & work : with housed

and vehicled bodies; a criss-cross into personal space environments;

and an infiltration of bodies into resting areas that are not resting

bodies; the pretense that all obligatory though previously unused (areas, spaces, …)

must belong to the housed/vehicled parts of society {only and-or specifically}; presumably because

they have and do work harder. I’m not sure but; work produced at

any level is warranted by energy input efficiency and not

hearsay claims of ignorance and false honors. Housing and vehicles might be included for some specifics personas  {turning the corner in logic } false honour so defined by false-ity in earning(s) as authenticated by engery input efficiency in colloquial terms defined as effort, standard. In more appropriate

words, if you are housed and spend most days to any days of

your belonging (criminally) stalking the working street-person ;

how logically could you have earned your place in residence;

without criminal level pretense until now : perhaps uncaught

and-or unpunished.

cited, fiction? virtual programs of false justification : in use

& we’re only at the half-day in this detail: note, ege

That a, thing and the


theme proofing note: green fogs font


More perfume notes arrow to sort of; with a fictional slant {which parts, f. and n.fiction} white past x-mas for The FVP

Take fallen petals large a viscous [sp?]

from a tree, preferable?

petals from another galaxy but, and;

scene {seen} here; wear a garbage bag

and squish these petals for bout : 5 minutes

as you put pressure into your opposite hand                     {the   bizarre instructions  : do they work.}

{remember, to tear … petals}

from where in hand you squish down on; remember to tear these petals apart first and

then palm in one-hand; with the other hand put pressure in a cup ish form to grabbing something

worn near your worn bag, garbage. Then squish the petal pieces into a small shampoo and-or conditioner bottle; cited: like one [you Mi(g)te] be handed-and-or given at a hotel’s sky {I meant stay}.

aside Question : what’s the difference between being handed something, a thing versus given that a, thing.

level : (basic)

then store in a flop –it or something of that natured – structure (hint); and then

apply as soapy perfume to your palms nearby inside see ( to find:  the location)


tags: art construction

theory in

practice – structure



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