3rd parting post interaction

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

typed-up, date (of): 11217

the skim of even a single page : as compared to for example , a single conversation and-or  a single interaction ;

the retaining in this                      {arrow to} of what information it does not damage you to retain.            skim.

theme: oh retainers in skim milk (ad-line)

From a clinical stand-point in

simulation : like a mental simulation

of a facet of cited: ptsd further

cited; some relatively functional

version of the cited: dsm

adapted to higher/hire : function : for example ; why might it

not be useful for one/me/you to

retain every cruel example expression

of an interaction with

somebody assumingly functional

yet hereby side(be, side): cruel ,

now; but perhaps at a later date:

reflect on with an ability

to re-collect  (built in your

psyche) (somehow)  the expressions

of cruelty that you

witnessed in that

interaction where

you didn’t partake

in the cruelty

now dissipated;  and-or

another conversation(an)/interaction

where the cruelty was

not withered through

a purposed emotional

block such a football


more imaginative : { the narrative}

perhaps also insert these

cruelty expressions into your

psyche at a previous date

than the cruelty interaction(s)

: hint; this might help you translate

the expressions sooner in-your-mind

to create the emotional stability;

stability of your social and-or

independent   response i.e. healing


posting, theme l’arte: budgeting magic from : {trash} to memories’ memento not


cited: at whole foods

3 for $5 cited: gt dave kombu …

an empty bottle

theme, view: see the beauty

in it, and surround-inglike glass views,


cited: trader joe’s dark chocolate bar

(with almonds)


theme: with a liter, it’s also

translation          a heat jar

at the bottom of the effectively empty

+      bottle

bits tiny of left – over chocolate

+ a piece of cited: kombucha plastic

wait & Store in abag , waiting to add more materials (arrow to)


1.8.17 then for the thematic art piece, continued:  use it in the rain to help hold something down,

overnight; and in the morning fill with a few pine needles , seal and leave outside, anywhere; including a

wild-forest -like setting. { sorry no pie, ture, picture at this point : absent camera.}

back to main posting :

Here’s an example of why, akin analogy you could -might have to interact with a seemingly functionally cruel person for example: I currently stay-for rest, rest associated outside

cited, library pencil as a give – away : it’s a dark cloudy but characterized

as pleasant -ry before the predicated

ominous art – look ; interesting.


The Brief

Back – History

of – the Skim


and I love food; but can’t really cook, obviously; out-there. In addition,

when I had my own place I ate out a -lot; wasn’t a Big Cooker; but cooked

for now my deceased dog; to add extra jiff to his preferred kibbles.

A-one variety of meat I cooked for my now deceased dog: was/were

porkchops from Whole Foods; whatever their brand was at that time, cited.

theme: food and grief.

I picked up this articlepage cited: Cook’s magazine January & February 2017

regarding cited: (p. 4) “Pan-Seared Thick-Cut Pork Chops.”

upon somebody’s suggestion   .

bodies’          (s)            .

.   cited: brainstormers et al(punc.)(?)


Y?   The Why in this case I’m reading

a magazine about cited: cooking is now answered.

Here’s from a quick skim:

pick-up (non-cruelty  i.e. toward myself; do I have trauma associated

with cooking and-or meals? and if so, why (later))

“pork chops” “good” “meal”

“supermarkets” “coming up short,”

“chop chop”

“what’s more, it’s readily available in most Supermarkets.”

“Flip Answer”

“meat’s juiciness”

“I decided to simply season the meat . . .”

“To get the rich mahogany crust and juicy interior … “

“a seeming contradiction . . .”

“The chops ultimately spend the same amount of time in contact with a pan . . . “

The Notice of End:

( & that’s all I had time for ; this Sun|day : the library is soon closed.)










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