Part Two. {Rough} Editing Notes, Abbreviated and Odd; for Use and for the V Blog, by Goura Fotadar

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Art: Tall Pink(s) by Goura Fotadar

Date: 123016

Tags, volunteer projects independent for a-self and outside organizations, art, and organizational structural, culture and additions

Theme: v. work additions

Thematic notifications: editing as training for digital painting/painting and other art endeavors …


  1. check the most apropos spelling of ; tags: basic
  2. note-question: is it appropriate to abbrev. (the) to (the) ?          ; tags: basic


  1. affix note: look at; tags: not so basic


  1. how affirmed are you with your opinions?


  1. Add, category notes (figure out what that means)


  1. As usual a kindly reminder: Look for stand-out quotes


  1. As usual remember what you might not include … in the Type-Up


  1. Note stand-out theme(s)


  1. A small number of questions that need to be further identified in meaning; of that pertains to the question subject(s) ; tags: uhm


  1. Cultural States of Being; tags: advanced; what is that?!


  1. Every; all/ manualistic grammatical addition(s) (/edition(s)) remember to note and/or define additional observations under something like: side notes and observations


 tags: so college literature!


 12. ad.

(editing notes to post to the v blog 123016

Is it ok to let it fall )



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