the pan, tree; the garbage can;

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art project for the fvp theme, for: solution / solucion to shelter



{ cited: brainstorms et al. 

look u. punc bizo. art,

name: the pan, tree; the

garbage can; this year’s c-mas three. 

cited: (inspiring scene) outside + (a.) structure at

cited: m.p.p.l.

part of the answer to gesundheit [sp?] (cited: brainstormers) {analysis}

esp. with a-foci/focus on cited: The Death Project

on suicide escalated ideation asynchronicity – with

during e-o-year holiday season

proofing notes: how many misc. or un-attached ‘{‘ are there?

Aside :

{Purpose of Suicide Intervention}


{Social-Intellectual : To further intimacy /

knowledge of Death }

1st, the brainstorming period : folks proposing thoughts

theme : activation {arrow to} spirito; proposal : I deserve to initiate


2nd, see the “sewer” font in the drains

{more to come}





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