More quotes to be included in {Book Analysis}

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{Book Analysis} for The FVP

date: 121516


source, text: (Ghosts) by Auster, P. (reverse-order, name.)

cited further, again: m.p.p.l.

p. 16 {example} : “Because of the snow, visibility is poor, and

Blue has trouble deciphering what is happening in Black’s room.”

p. 18 {example} : “That only makes it worse, Blue thinks, and as he begins

to grow sick at the thought of it, fully understanding now

what Gold must feel all the time, … ”


Back to the book analysis for The FVP 121216

how to understand math : Ghosts by

Paul Auster cited: m.p.p.l.

p. 16 (quotes of/from)

how to become better at investigation 

(same text-source as above) p.18 (quotes of/from)    {arrow to} (look for potential quotes, above, second)


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