(Intervening) Passage Analysis at Some Point : How do you … ? (first part)

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for The FVP by me; goura fotadar

date (s) : 11.13.16, 11.15.16, 12.13.16 (and more to come … )

tags: satire reality


venue : I hadn’t spent enough time

observing the trees in Cupertino; (I realized) 


The book referred

here but

not everywhere as:

this one.

theme =


for even those;


you’ve only glimpsed at;

and not yet/ever? raked



in a box: Book Purposed Definitions for you

source, -text: presumably:

the new “Harry Potter” (so, cited) 


Things, this one is especially good for :

  • teaching you how to read
  • find on that page
  • entering a drawing ; and placing your work in it ; as the only way to accomplishment .
  • teaching you how to reflect : (by pushing your life-realities outside long-enough to see them better when you re-insert yourself in them)
  • an incentive opportunity much like a re-programming to “look at” other books ;(like working in publishing)
  • look-up the definition of “staid” from this one.
  • And approx. 2/3 of the way thru/through ; inner-book reflecting : is “Ron” affectively/effectively cheating on “Hermione” with his-other (new?) relations/willing participants.


Source, citation: “The Year of Living Biblically ” (by) A.J. Jacobs

cited, further: at the p.a. library


(if even unfinished) To Heal Pain(of Yours).

using same format, pronounced: this one ; perhaps not surprising considering

its name ; has declared to me its purpose : to heal pain

emotional theme: have your “loved ones” mistaken 

you for another and pushed this

belief like pushers of not drugs;

but dangerous drugs.

(p.46) (arrow to) (top of)

” … The family

considered him

such an unstable character, such a

fraud, that no one wanted

him around at reunions or

birthday parties …

he was a cult leader.”


Source, citation: knock ’em Dead (by) Rhonda pollero at the cited: palo alto p.l. 

Perhaps this one is about romance(?) ; but I’m convinced it’s what you

pick if (the stance is) :

How do you become psychic. why not try this : from cited p. 41. and look at how it starts in this P compared to what it’s actually about in terms of new/innovative / creative ways of thinking : “He sounded so sincere that I felt more like a creep for replaying the Liam moment in my head. ( . . . ) I was certain I was sending out a telepathic confession that bounced from cell tower to cell tower.”      (Lower font:) Perhaps “towers” “telepath()” other(s) (emotions) () than, “confessions” (in fiction); from your emotions to … ?






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