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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar


#8  Culminating Specific Art Project :

Tags: literary art , volunteer initiative, art project, conceptualizing conceptual reading, reading comprehension advancement, philosophizing your reality , thought-conceptions further abstracted , childhood to any age group(s), design project

First point : {summary} The entire source , text citation centers around  … one flower ; and it’s possible that the main-protagonist’s [sp?]

(Theme : Rescue,) knowledge of that type-flower

rescued the protagonist

Learning Design;



Point 2 : using the exercises in this knowledge – builder ;

esp. exercise numbers 1-4 ; design a flower. {and if you want: use the generic flower avenue as-in generic flower parts. Theme: a purpose; the use of “generic” in multitude}

what would it smell like ; what color would its petals be ;

its center be ; its stem be ; what would it be called.

after designing this flower ; draw the flower with design

notes on an index card : following your design notes.

Point 3: {my designed flower} my flower has white petals,

a bright green center

a black stem

it has triangle petals

smells like charcoal

                                                is called avenue


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