CAKE, A-OAT! Part I.

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CAKE, A-OAT! Part I.

Children’s Art Knowledge Enhancement Activities : On Adult Things

By Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project;

and for the … (1)

and for the … (2)

and for the … (3)

cited: specific volunteer work; volunteer lead initiative

cited: “Purplement”

Sandwiches :

(1) Describe and-or detail a sandwich

you would make using 4 ingredients .

tags: child

art conception,

performance art

sub-tags: how to, write / how-to write

A-Loud in a-circle : why you would pick these/those (these / those) specific 4 ingredients

(2) ( Created once for another volunteer project, but not VolunTier Project   (?) (.)  Scent Cards

Now, a new version of Sent Cards)

Theme: charcoal  

Smell : Describe three smells (note-of-them(e): grammar/punctuation thinkers: 4 versus three, why could this be?)

you like or think are o.k.

Draw  these smells on an index card;

or what they belong, to;

example :

so if you like the smell of chapstick, cited; you would draw the chapstick. With a line underneath it; or above the drawing (why above or below is your choice) ; you would write: I like the smell of chapstick.

If you’re an adult focus on the smells you liked / thought were

o.k. as a child (as a childhood exercise)

Cited: push pops circa esp. late ‘80s? & bubble tape (also cited)

Cited: (resources) books from the cited : palo a. P. l.

Theme : I have to try ; I have to check this out

(3) Imaginative Exercise

Using the upcoming source, text’s back book cover image/art; turn it upside down and imagine it in a frame. Now imagine the frame hung – up on a Wall.

Theme : to me it looks like a bracelet


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