Trash/waste Theme: What will I due/do with it? Cigarette Ends

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Today’s {arrow to} outside art project for The FVP

by Goura Fotadar

date: 111016

theme: sorry at present no way to photograph

theme 1: a la temporare (with an accent on the (preceding) e) l’arte

Message design arte By The Fictional VolunTier Project 11.10.16 (on it) 


cited: refuse from a provided meal

  1. Take an empty cited: Sun chips (small) bag
  2. Stuff it with three tangerines’ peels
  3. stuff it with a smaller used, empty plastic bag (compared to in size)
  4. spit in it
  5. cover over (by fold) and if possible let bake in the sun ; or sit in the sun
  6. grab fallen leaf type pieces and place in the bag; and cigarette found ends, too.
  7. next fold over once again; and continue to “bake” in the sun.
  8. fold a napkin over ; and continue to bake in the sun
  9. write some message/design around it/on it : the forming art piece
  10. let it bake again
  11. rubberband it.
  12. paint it with nail polish
  13. let it dry in the sun
  14. try if possible to get an image of it
  15. {spiritual theme of: un-attachment in abstraction : temporary (with you) l’arte} either consider burying it as in the cited: The Death Project of The FVP or; Conception : The Burial of Trash : in a Re – making         theme: a cow’s skin theme        fashion theme : attaché                                              or toss it in The trash;  i.e. preferably public to re – conceptualize trash again; art in trash ; certain; changes the element of trash; and so further pushes the conceptions and-or existences of society’s waste; and-or what it perceives as waste. theme music (citation):  (by) Garbage

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