the exi condicion situation, uhm;

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as an aside to the proof: militaristic quadrants


and intersections

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed: up 10.28.16

Notes on Social No! Public Welfare

assignments, contn. I was thinking out-Loud: that mixing non -reformed

criminals with non-criminals is almost always dangerous; Where a walk

down th’Street to work from a public space; and instead of outside in the Rain; cited product (citation): Rain Man (movie); do you dream of being

savant (theme); how would you how could you work in the rain; especially within/ certain professions; and-or other forms of severe weather; theme: what does o.w.s. stand for


-weather control

-on-your-own within

the outside work space; relative safety

-and within the o.w.s

actual w.s. (work space)

– tools of general use in the w.s.

… etc., or more to come.

         The Existential Problem of Danger : Hooking.

could mean; the walk down the Street; cited theme (music): Pretty Woman; to the non – reformed criminal that you are a hooker.  He/She maybe unwilling to comprehend that you simply are-not/never-have-been: a hooker. This might than-then heighten the danger some actuale (le actuale) hookers are in. One basique solucion to la probleme is to hang signs around/surrounding public libraries : stating, “free open public workspace , (…) hours: (…)” Same of course for other public-contextualized real w.s. s.

what due (non-typo) militaristic ops. have to do with h-less scenes,

domestically. First; it would qualife (with an accent, and remember to apply;) as a domestique deployment ; if you’ve ever been around or near the h-less population in many but perhaps not al-all places it is highly dangerous; where the la actuale cops maybe able (cited: maybelline (product) citation (spelling actuale confirmed via cited: google search as conducted on 102816); ) with new tag line: it’s meant to be for you ; cited again: maybe/line. (get in it) and application to prostitution?



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