part next: of the existential condicion

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continued, by goura fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

typed up, more: date: 102616

40 years      {the numbers; the number like qualities of the situation; so basique!}

1 decade

a rotation might

be frequent physical moves; the change

{still figuring it out} in

shelter to

contextualize it: to this problem

per decade to keep the rotation/per decade

moving or rotating

so for 10 years : you’d have to be past the 5 year

mark; that means you’d got to move physically

over 5 times per decade ; or simulate at least

that many moves through a more complete homelessness

Using marks ; let’s say that each move in contextualized :

shelter takes six months to adjust to; where even with an

address ; the moved likely feel the experience of being homeless / i.e. being “h-less” is real/reel

for them 6 mos. everytime they move. in a half box: check math above

so that’s just the cycle approx.

80 moves of mostly {arrow to} (on un-checked math; a rough number)

shelter in 80 years.

so now the break/brake

{still to figure out}


aside: cited: McDonald’s

on – lad’s DMC

on – lad’s CDM

on – lad’s check, day, month

so when surrounded by men/ what’s

a lad? an

adult male:

check the day , month

10.25 (yesterday)

01. 52 not possible for day


are 10.25 / 01. 25 => the same day:

it happens twice!

{arrow to}


theme :

every Body

gets their

own unique


deal of assistant-ship




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