The Domestic Violence Definition Issue: Spontaneous Non-Stems

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The Domestic Violence Definition Issue: Spontaneous Non-Stems

for The FVP

tags: policies

on d.v. & assault ;

on qualifying definitions

by me: goura fotadar (obvious)

date: 10.24.16


(a) I’m not sure if I’m qualife to say this: often;

but the course of d.v. patterns are limited in prescription

to uhm; romantic and-or ex-romantique TYPE patterns.

(b) once; we look at d.v. we also look at a variete (with an accent)


unlike asphalt (as: fault) does assault have any

purpose once it’s (it has) been non-medicated upon you/or whom-ever which for some other’s/s’ purpose(s). When you imagine

the conception that haven (not a typo) taken place of any age Being-Person being “victimized”


 theme: there is a vere “scary” h-less woman / group

not … or bent or not letting me … and it’s vere early in the …


… Their clothes pulled off, hit and taunted with a

weapon like “object”  Philosphical * H : Oh pour! objects;

it couldn’t be them; perhaps they fell … “asleep” and wore-were : grabbed


and if the persons weaponizing you/or them is not a romantic or

ex-romantic partner of you/or them; to speak con-cept colloquially

does that mean; oh mean; it’s not domestic violence. And why

might it be bene (with an accent) for qualife under useful and yet generic d.v.


For the obvious you might begin to understand why you share

in common with actual d.v. victims/ survivors;


and so ‘learn’ about yourself; begin anew new.

cited: McD’s Pharrell Williams “happy”



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