The Obvious and Repeated Almost Cache Computer Problem

Posted on

by goura fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date done: 10.23.16

tags: The Four Interviews, Contn.

secondary tag/s: criminology policy on education

primary / tertiary tag/s : classism , Age – ism


Query : I’ve been posited with an interesting conundrum ;

what happens when you want to learn more about using

computers; and you’re not elderly and-or riche (e with an accent, and also as / has joke) like niche.


Backdrop : In the

20 somethings [time – ism]

; it’s odd we’d still have educational limitations on computer / computer -related use.


(Appropo) Environment: In a library (wear) theme: fictional conundrums public computers are available;

and all involved can also receive career – educational

credit for their “involvement” in such activity

volve e



well * fare


up-to but not limited by compensation such as :

not quite joking: cited: McDonald’s  arrow down to , safe shelter , a suitable

clothing allowance

from arrow, the equivalent

to two full meals

per day; “full”

meal includes water

& a non – water drink

+ dessert & etc. such as

supplemental snacks


theme: the flash signs at cited: McD’s

theme music (cited): ” … Kiss me … (lyrics, only and no name?) (can’t remember artist / cant: remember artist) as heard

at cited: McD’s


(Appropo) Environmental Condition Limitations : But in the “tradi.” public computers

of public libraries tho’ certain for not just the ovi raisin s ; talking even in “physically” (two different(s)) “close”

instruction is hardly among appropriations. Pleas: help solve this problem. The need;

clientele should be obvious. A slight brainstorming for the instructor(s).





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