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updated: 10916
by goura fotadar for the FVP
Art notes and Oh, ers on cited: Cinderella
cited: Cinderella: ” HEWET’S HOUSEHOLD STORIES FOR LITTLE FOLKS ILLUSTRATED W.H. THWAITE VOL. I CINDERELLA D. APPLETON & COMPANY 1855 ” or something  as procured through Kindle/Amazon and sifting through perhaps for nobody can be sure about this one; it’s almost in every Being’s Psyche i.e. on 10816
theme: cinderall; my love cinderella (cited title of text)
word diagram theme, started: sandoor ella
tags: art form, conception, reading, the importance of reading, analysis, analyses, proofing/editing notes; the virtue of publishing and access to such; you might never learn enough more to learn? why not; spirituality, religion; the overtaking of morality by the certainly superior ethics = ethical morality: a new form utilised through an old form; one of greater efficacy; for doesn’t ethics also mean of superior perhaps perfected efficacy and even so for oneself.
In the fist of this page;
are the part haps unfamiliar in common usage terms of basic vocab;
“grief” and “pert”
hwo ; how/who since might as well use the typo
you combine the both into an art piece: “grief …”  (-) “pert”
2. In the cue of moralite;
how can one be a “sister” if such are the conditions of primary living and even be called at such:
shall one serve such “sisterhood”
cliche theme, perhaps: sisterhood
citation, further accessed thematic builder in title alone/ name alone: sisterhood of the Travelling/Traveling pants (movie)
     on the logic of definition not exact of what means sister but instead exact on what means sister;
certainly the sustenance of composition welfare would be repu date and not diated into the welfare of truth-contextual of meaning.
Who is sister to you if by blood or marriage that who does not care for the experience of what is You. you versus You. becomes Them versus you.
But are they effectively moral on toward you.
and if not should there be in the truth of clinical definition a Them that is instead a them; and a you realized which is not yet maybe achieved to You.
In such case, the grammar syntax here defining what is an UpperCase term shall be earned and hoped for but not worked toward through perhaps the best version of the verde is coveting: of false morality.
In sert ethics and perhaps moral-ethical conceptions of sister mean something entirely different.
Now you say: I hate my sister; for she rapes me.
and nobody can say back : but she’s your sister you must “serve” her and all with such “likely” relations to you despite what they do to you; for one day they may become better than unjust rapists. theme: it does to “you.”
Now you say: I hate my sister; because she asks for me to be in pain.
and nobody can say back to you: How do you know that. (I imply that I know better because I know more about respect.) You have no * respect. Perhaps I should do * something about it.
theme music: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
photographed, but I let’s we I point a few pins of what paragraphy situation I’m referring to here in almost cited: bible Biblical text. Theme: Oh Job, but where are you now with Jesus.
{Spiritual} Disclaimer: But I am Not completely Christian.
so from the cited text, at present location seven or second text reading page at this point,
stand-out situational assuages:
” … the father was too unhappy …”
and so the daugther later could be false morally be taught to “thin” think with response to such none/sense: she is incapable of making ” father” happe.
How then does one make father happe: The Virtue of Analysis builds the necessare skill of acculturation.
other notes: Dear Dogs, I know you’re not sad; but c’mon couldn’t most but not all of you be me or scuse me more truly moral; and bring up and not cinderalla/
cinderella cited down all or most scuse
most all all most but not almost all animals such. Dog. You.
{of l’arte concepcion}
and more cited relevant text, in fragments from the: same text, and location:
” … wretched garret on an old straw mattress … ”
” … on good feather beds in elegant rooms … ”
(note: Pah the potential vanity versus a physical self-focus/reflection: citing: also Bikram yoga, practice i.e. “closeness” to mirrors:)  ” … furnished with full-length looking-glasses, …”
Me versus Me-Choice; contextually {for me on self-experience} one has a better affect – ef.
Which? the bed / Bed or the Me-Me .
a real life almost example tho’ I have to say I’m comfortable and this is also citing: theravada buddhist practice(s)
theme: lost gold
theme (music) citation: 24-K Bruno Mars? as heard on general radio 10916
team theme: navigation pillow * cases
also cited: text pages: from cited described source:

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