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(not sure if I posted this small part, already; I meant the first part as the small part referred to here)
Nobility of Begging Phase III
Theme: No, it’s going to be Good; I’m sure of it.

By Goura Fotadar
so I’ve been recommended ha that sounds like an honour pardon my British-English spelling; I’m just in a funky and that’s a not bad thing, mood; I mean about the British-English part. So I’ve been recommended to add based on other stuff I’ve been doing just to add more to my chatter, just kidding, about related stuff to add and experiment in my fictional series, “soul pieces” which by-the-way, in case you were living to know, I’m re-continuing.

Reflections on Gift-Receiving
source citation: The Holy Bible , English Standard Version (with cross-references) thru the kindle as further described
date: 91516
as i was studying the cited: bible (kindle edition)

this morn; the conception of gifting had come up again, as connected to this and other postings espe. with verification of this cited: The Fictional VolunTier Project

-the first isto point out the obvious-
what effact and that’s not typo would study of any religious spiritual doctrinal or such there qualified a’systeme have on your existence as is direct; from the advanced think tank’s perspective of this cited: The Fictional VolunTier Project by Goura Fotadar; and not with intention or intent to be blasphemous ; but it matters not less of which virtue that of religion you are/or the consumer is.
of course; then once more; the effact is that which you perceive through the “study” or even “study-like-practice” of such, such and suches religous/spirito doctrine.

-the second in conception of gift-receiving and this is with necessary concept of charity-
here inserts the assertion of the adv. of think tank perspectives and that is from a point of adv. social cause; for you may not have all that you need;
and this does not is not limited to only those of thing: material value;
it might also be inclusive of those term; in sentiment.
Can another create the “power” of sentiment in your lack of it for evey your own self;
and then of course hand it to you as an act of even more spirited effort: a gift a reminder to you what you might also be able to conceive “holy…-ily” for yourself.
This then thoughts conception is a premise for my and-or The Fictional VolunTier Project’s art charity of great effort; little material value; and “empowered” personal value for esp. the receivers; perhaps this falls into the elevated think of elevators but not just rising component
cited: the bible as consumed on the kindle
this paragraph or text segment, perhaps provides some provision on the biblical conception of consumption of perhaps derived gift type enunciants by what that must mean:
” … As used  by the apostle Paul, this term refers to the status of all Christians, both men and women, who, having been adopted into God’s family, now enjoy all the privileges, obligations, and inheritance rights of God’s children. …”

The Metaphysical Movie Discussion just because? a.ka. The Obsession with “Dorothy” and her situation
(have to take a break to watch the wizard of oz, through youtube cited: The Wizard of Oz as consumed via youtube on 91516)
notes; at first, has she; I can hardly remember the movie,
but now again, at watching it seems that she is interacting with a different version of these folks;
almost as they are not seeing Dorothy but instead seeing another person at Dorothy’s image
and here the Christians are comfortable with what is the proposed but unverified? law of grabbing small dog(s), in what seem to be nearly air-tight containers.
a tagline from my real life on non comitting crime, so they must call on me: the sheriff the sheriff the sheriff

then to turn to the actual christian model to save the dog’s life; they must leave; and in the capacity to save another worth saving; will you also save yourself.  And connected the dots from below then would “it” be easier if she were a he. On transgenderism.
then all of those “things” in reading that could point to transgenderism in cliche:
travelling in “disguise” (easy: where else may this be useful besides onthe spur-of -the moment, run!)
by the way what do you think of the classic clothing or classic clothing in general.
Isn’t this a “reading” but don’t you think that the twister scuse me the “twister” is a sign that they all shouldn’t have done that to the dog and her.
theme: I’d be scared of the other catastrophic disasters coming or could be coming is this a paranoid almost fictional theorie of observation

so cliché metaphysical: but the getting to the “the wizard of Oz” seems to be a symbol to her reaching her enlightenment; and certainly not the two and almost three accompaniers; well perhaps two are not her aideful uh, eh; bodhisattvas

all of this for the dog to start with, but with him trailing nearby; it’s almost as though he doesn’t for the time being esiste.
is’t it odd at least that she is a counselor to all her that cross path. why.
where bricks imply work, she’s “tired” and needs to “rest”
and the rest are either crying minus the dog; or near crying for her tiredness.
minus alls the w.w. and her now accompaniments as verified by scenery and not just hearsay
and you must notice perhaps again in literary what does snow have to do with rest.
& the “notice” almost if not sounds like a reference to her; the “bell” ? and her at present situation on-going, too.

other notes of consideration: (citing the bible on kindle)
an edification on the status quo of derivation , a “he” and in terms of spiritual hierarchy should one consider in terms of work completed prior to one? almost sounds as of fiction,
what was the spiritual i.e. wholesome/holesome benefit to the status quo, in either case, an arrow up to a connected to gift-viewing; view as in terms of perception
then “dorothy” and the “…wizard’s” guardman or something have an emotional but she not necessarily a psychiatric break down, and he finally consents to letting her (them?) at least the dog? additionally see the ” … wizard”
and near the end; or almost the end; a reminder that there is all this effor to kill or destroy or both the small dog.

More art & perfume notes
to see more images recent: see lids, I mean slides 181 to 183 or
theme: perfume’s tangerine
the tee plate tea plate is forming
I was once again won to be ablt to touch the flowers ouside
and then spread them apart with tea bags drying and of course
the flour underneath is still there, (previously used on death box still making d.b.);
they’ve been drying the t bags and flour for days
and today I matched more of once the flowers were added
and the next step is to?

have tangerine peels sitting in the sink in hot water
and for a few days then drip into the plate
and add in flour on top and let it dry where it is seated
then take the rest of the tangerine water and drip into wash battles; I mean wash bottles for your personal use
and what will you do with the leftover tangerines: more art thoughts

The Labels
I found pieces of a broken left-over nut mix bar of unusual in these parts but not cultural unusual variete
and I dispersed segments of these small into the three non nutted bottles
one smells: godly magnificent
the other: heavenly magnificent
and the third: spiritually magnificent
and the fourth is forming as poor odor formation; where odor means only scent; so after the nut fragments sit inside for a while, then perhaps it would in idea advisable to add a mint leaf or few to cure the poor odor formation

the time being;
the two others have been moved to carpet but don’t worry they are sealed well enough not to spill in that way and now are resting toward the cooling steal from the hibernating night’s light

A Way of Life, Quick Practice
tags: The Death Project & The Spirit Work Out
date: 91616

(or imagine)
Sit in front of a fire place
you are a piece of wood
and you burn
(all the way)
now bring yourself back to life.

and do it again. (whenever)

art created volunteer (of past) theme: little brothers friends of the elderly san francisco


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