The non criminal action of perfume making.

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The non criminal action of perfume making.

tags: what qualifies criminality in perfume making, and perfume making, and sill art not allowed?, the fictional voluntier project closet
thematic protest, among many: sill art not allowed!
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
As noted the perfumes though most are complete but one at this stage of making,
have been moved from what was the a la temporare perfume closete.
to the temporare perhaps fictional voluntier project closet as described earlier
but earlier the good fortune of temporary ily letting the one that’s in making sit onthe sill,
prior-to adding more to it;
plagiarism’ is always a beck away in this location;
but this one will have black tea, honey, and yellow daisy in it.
I forgot also that there are mint leaves inside this portion

I was thinking also of notes to add
with chamomile and yellow daisy again
with a cited: bit of soy sauce,
just because the sauce, soy is so pungent; you think it’d turn into perfume.
{I wonder if I’ll remember about the cited: s. sauce}


(see the picture)
past an intrusion of the work
you think the honey will make the perfume thus far, in a tiny or small quantity as it will go into the bottle, sticky? I mean the perfume sticky.

other notes:
at the moment both doors of the fictional voluntier closet are open, to aid the drying and further making more of a few just finishing on their own items in that closet
perhaps I should photograph


as another note,
I tested three of the perfume bottles that are nearly completely made but you know cooking on their-hone; I meant own.
and one of the three smells better than the other two.
but there are four perfume bottles in total.


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