The Jasmine’s Effort: More Perfume Notes

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The Jasmine’s Effort: More Perfume Notes

by Goura Fotadar
date: 91316
for The Fictional VolunTier Project.

see images:
177 and 178
or through

I. Bad Smell
then to cure the bad smell,
stuck a few pieces of jasmine flowers in the opening of the bottle;
and uncooked.
moved all bottles to the light,
temporarily before the go back into the fictional voluntier project closet
for more hibernation/ a different version of cooking.

II.  A How-to Demonstrate Good Effort
for good effort, proceeded;
to add jasmine flowers a bit of,
to each making bottle thus far;
also to make things more useful “mainstream”
into the cooking of other ingredients added to my wash bottle main ingredient: which is cited: johnson’s baby shampoo

III. To Conserve Energie
my water bottle spilled into my bag,
and soaked through my leather purse/wallet obtained at a clothing closet in vernon
cited: the four interviews
I figured as the atmosphere works to dry the leather,
it might as well turn into the conserved energie near the perfume bottles which also need more cooking, thus forth.
so; placed the leather socket nearby. the bottles of perfume. if that weren’t obviousie.

see phot-graphs (above, as accessed; through provided link)


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