art notes of the thing contn. further

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art notes of the thing contn. further

date: 91016, 91116
layer mulitple with used, tee bags,
uh mean, tea bags;
see recent images:
slides 167 thru 176 or

waiting for the top to be nearly or more dry as has been circumvented
then move to the sill at night time to aide, the excessive drying?
or just a guess, jokes.

then create an oil plate of soap flower water and a bunched up napkin, hygienically used.
and then invert the tea bags onto underneath the napkin that’s been staining
as photographed

then continue to layer with paper materials saved up collected conserved
sticking the oiled water sheet/napkin in the middle of the layers added
keeping on the sill
then mix in the oil plate a torn apart brown paper bag
and one other napkin and add extra flour than usual to the solution
see photograph
after adhering citing taco bell for left over cleaned paper from there
more layers on
move the object/art thing to the sink
and dump the rest of the now “glue” solution atop
looking at the left-over oil plate it looks it could be used for more art creation,
and so I’m going to save it, the plate I mean
note: ironing notes, a reminder to iron over the thing covered when can or at least a reminder consideration,
leave there if time affords it to drip clean until move-able back closer to the aire of thew indowe
the extra e’s reminds me of cited: extra gum

the next morning, it’s been drying overnight on the sink
and just moved it temporarily to the sill,
and it looks as a giant poripice [sp?]
then took it off the sill left it on the board it has been drag skating around in;
and then;
covered with old pants and ironed over a few times
the “glue” unfastened but still was around;
the papers coming nearly loose but only if pulled at this stage;
and then took back over to the sink
and dropped with “paintbrush” hands soap water of petals too of course and brushed also solution onto      with an old toothbrush
onto the top and squished the newly flattened paper around
it with hands;
and then let it water dripping from it hang out in the dark of the sink’s area but planning on moving it “quickly” to sill for a while before “caught” to cure it under the sun’s eye (rays)

then when moving away from the sill
because due to getting “caught” or afraid of getting “caught” for making art
move back to the platform
where originally well, don’t know about originally but main plat: form!
and layer with pieces of wood and at least one shirt
to create a different version of heat while it “cooks” and from underneath


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