Furthering Art Piece Status

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                     Furthering Art Piece Status

by Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
more tags/updated: educational flyers, fashion, and copy, and protected wealth

Reading Notes, Eh, ah: Scene Shots!
in preparation for the … posting
date: 9516, 9616, 9716, 9816
tags: theme building, war literature once analysed, and work-outs with life purpose and/or purpose

citation: as with the recently posted fiction posting,
Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll
as available via the kindle / amazon (free) accessed onthis , the first above date;

1. So perhaps “earthquakes” are like bread, but uhm; must point out: the obvious, say that they are : breadings not the only thing, “buttered”
as seen/scene? on page 109

suchs sound on firs’ read of the screen, shot pohgraph, but uhm; on second read of the same pohgraph; then the “buttered” finally perhaps not finally but still finally sounds like

the creation of the war, scene: presumably:
the exact porgraph roughly with at least one substitute, word:
{perhaps two substitutes, quick to better match the fiction posting}
general and shot for “King” and “buttered,” and roughly eh, ah here it is with substitutes as proposed:
so from page 109,

cited: as consumed on the kindle

” ‘Do you call THAT a whisper?’ cried the poor … (General), jumping up and shaking himself. ‘If you do such a thing again, I’ll have you … (shot)! It went through and through my head like an earthquake!’ ”

(now act it out with these changes, or your own, or the original; but eh, ah; you might inquire for what am I building here, theme.)

2. the entire page (109) of the left side, with the mention of,
” … (catching) breath”
competition ,
and of course, maybe even firs’ “r(unning) … / trot(ting)”
helps one envision a centaur like experience or something of the run,
but also reminds with the connotation of above scenery assignment in number one just presumably changed from “King” to General, of a militaristic type of activite training; (for perhaps, general than is more closely akin to level militaristic or rather, perhaps, obvious;)
of course here though there is an assigned purpose and not jus’ destination; the purpose being perhaps to benefit the witness of others’ pittance attempted at an un-earnable prize?
(as it seems, now; in the skipping through various parts into this reading)
in either case, it’s a method to create an ability to change the experience one has of realite; which one (2 whiles, while) running or (while) scenery re-assignment
besides; weight-loss/physical change of-appearance, what might your purpose be while you “run” and ” …(catch) … breath.”
theme prop (prop comprehension activite): the real purpose of the “diet” pill
theme prop citation: weight loss pill as advertised and heard on general radio again on 9616
a way of “look(ing)” indeed. (into what’s real, reel, and of course where you intersect it.) (drawah graph of.)

But here, what is “it”.

Part B. Educational Flyer, Un-Needed Review of a One-time Visit to A Museum
(Make an educational flyer
regarding the marine corps museum in quantico for the fvp/ connected to the vhp
and also,
create a brief memory synopsis of quantico, va
date 9616

theme: don’t tell me about protocol when you have no ethics.)

A Fashion Review on The Marine Corps Museum.
citation: usmcmuseumdotcom as accessed on 9716
theme: I don’t know, I love Quantico.
theme prop, but local-based: BART cited, b.a.r.t.
theme prop (citation): BARTable to visit museums locally as heard on the general radio 9816
theme music (citation): Glass Animals Life Itself as heard on the general radio again on 9816
                                         –The Current Time
In my good fortune, being from this modern time; I able to re-visit this museum again;
online, and had the better fortune? to visit the museum once in person, years ago; and shortly after college; undergrad, I mean.
In context perhaps museum s implie I mean uh Imply college and not that you necessarily went to college, are in college; or will go to college, but that they are almost a replacement collegiate experience one of course of education; and not all that riff-raff that can be

definition as found thru cited YAHOO! search on this date

hypothesized to occur at “lesser” colleges. What a snob.
                                              –The Background Prerequisite
But if you went college, certainly a museum worthy of fashion to visit; is at least a supplementary educational experience, in memory alone. What good fortune, indeed. Skip the plane ticket, and hotel’s pay room; and if you can still visit a f.worthe museum; well, then; you’ve racked up a college level education, rapidly (but of course to build on, as you would all good fashion and memories of the run-down place(s));  and also cheaply.  Building in memory, is inexpensive; or cheap, I believe.

This museum as much of Quantico, though parts of it do as of last memory look run-down; which of course, doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Think of the memories of a ghetto run-down, but with fiction citation: “tinsel”
of good memories; which almost seem to build themselves better, like a really powerful mind.
is not cheap at all in experience (the museum ah I mean). But depending on you r visit it is cheap.
Museum to further server my own purpose, if afforded; are should and could be protected wealth.
                                         -Present Tense Educational Flyer
When I walk the aerial view’s view on my on-foot visit to this museum, I remembered my major undergraduate institution

cited this site as accessed on this date


cited this site as accessed on this date

; only because the ” … colors and fabric …” citing: laundry commercials from t.v., at least
matched so closely that school. I mean major as compared to minor, where I transferred from.

I bought a shirt, which then became my favorite of all my casual walker’s shirts; of course, though years later, it was tossed away; and not even timed to donation upon the entry-way to pilgrimage.
But it was light blue, a color I don’t much prefer; which I opted for and against the color I really wanted the bright green version; and it was, is a very appropriately “historic” shirt to bear for a civilian as a trigger of memory recollection of education.
“Hi I’m a civilian” and I’ll now depict being the enactment of memory recollection of education for (so so & so … & so … & so) ,
hence on.
Maybe I’ll find a picture of the shirt like I bought among the gold paneling of the ceiling-walls and what I presume is something like marble granite walling,
with images of others’ memories, that can turn to a collection of more memories,
and a society’s or perhaps more than one’s history.
History, is such an interesting so heavily used, and such a reminder of the term story within the word; with the easily deflected gender trigger of his. or rather if you don’t want to double the s,
then hi, story.
“Hi! story.”
The cool thing about some museums is that you get to view enactment serials like such screenshotted thereso imagery.
You can really feel the experience? (if even it is staged, and I mean more than one meaning, here; including platform.)
                                  -The Comfort of Temperature
When I was there, I mean in the museum on foot; the temperature was also maintained at an even cooler internal the then than heated outside I think it was August in that part of the country’s year experience. I’m not sure so consider this sentence fiction, but I asked a person that worked there on my visit, “is the air-conditioning on?” and he said, “no I don’t think so” and I said, “I only ask because the temperature is nice in here, it must be the “walls” and of course the “ground” we walk on” he looked at me like I was crazy. Perhaps I am, but in a way that he couldn’t understand.
                                      –Connecting Dots
If you’ve ever been to truck stops in this country or rest spots or whatever they are now referred to as; I must one-day right write more about them, the museum is also reminiscent; of such a spot. Those places in our country as of 2013, when I was spotted at many; can be quite educational alleviators. You’d be surprised.
                                 -Emotions to The Virtual Experience
I’m glad I got to visit the museum again, virtually. It was a pleasant and informative, virtual experience, too; of education.
But I must return to fashion, and include, where is fashion not education; the shirt that is an obvious educational trigger. If I can find it.

theme builders: I’m surprised you guise oiled that thing clean. It’s kind of miraculous.

               – The Shirt

site as accessed on that date (the citation)

well, I can’t find the shirt, among the shirts that are currently listed online;
see photograph/screenshot of a few;
but so I well just describe what I can remember of it,
besides that it was lite/light blue
it had on the front the famous flag rising image and I think also the name of the museum;
other than that I believe it was plain. (& very comfortable, though that is already implied, above.)
But this is only what I can remember.
–sighting recommendations, but of product
Of course, I haven’t looked at all of the products, but these are my two favorite; other than the background postcards on this page of the museum’s site, as of spotted now:
(what water, bottle/bottle and wate a shinery bowl)


site as accessed on that date (the citation)

site cited

weight; one more; and this piggy bank is perfect; if you don’t like money,

site cited

then you can just;
fill it with flowers, and further? it’s art piece status.

Part C. Today’s Art Project: Happy? Sep. 11the.
take an empty cited: kirkland signature box, of tissues
and fill with as previously photographed and posted but added to potpourri bowl.
remember tangerine peels and used tea bags, and a few leaves.
then stuff the emptied potpourri bowl on top of its ingredients in the cited: box

cited: brainstormers
then have waiting a few of wrappers from cited: always pads
and tape them with their adhesives onto the box, to maintain its original arte.
and also if grabbed grab a piece of clean wax paper from a clean always as cited pad
and stuff on top of the open box, to preserve;
the good scent of tea and tange peels as noted from the making of the art charity packages

in a sink put soap solution of flowers too,
and also some flour baking powder, and any paper to complete the box
used dining napkins cited: kirkland signature
and also those same brand a few of cited: moist clothes

then, on an unused napkin write a connecting art theme:
how about?
run piggy!
(and a rapid sketch.)
and dip into solution and adhere on

to see recent images slides 50 thru 60 I think,
or https://voicethread.com/myvoice/#thread/8000942/45172272/45738480
remember, citing: brainstormers again, to try and brush your teeth with a brush? and the solution.
(c what happens.)


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