The Fictional VolunTier Closet : & Fahsion as a Rsource.

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The Fictional VolunTier Closet : & Fahsion as a Rsource.

by Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project.
date: 83016, 9416
tags: influenced by the witch goura series
cited: goodwill pick-up and experience wih clothing closets
cited 2: the four interviews
tags: advanced charity examination & art continued, but of course; there’s more than that to-do.
theme: do they take l’arte for at least temporare storage, viewing?

As an aside: I’m so hungry!
updated, aside: good news, I finale got some food.

I. The Opportunity Opens Up. (theme: in the clouds, is / are arte)
Cult collections of non-personable material removed;
the bathroom closets opened themselves up; albeit temporarily, while I face becoming technically homeless again; as opposed to just officially homeless continued; which of course has been a less than two year period; past a one-year period of both official and technical homelessness.

II. Compared to traditional charitable closets.
So unlike a tradi, charitable closet; where wear you can just grabwhatever you like mor than les.
This one is for viewing where the closet’s owner, would perhaps hand you the pieces, or piece that were meant to be parted with in that method (but not all of its pieces and/or the connected art pieces, were necessarily meant for this, originally; anyhow; however, violence from others and circumstances of such, can force us into unpleasant circumstances that we didn’t necessarily earn.) And unlike the tradi closet, this one does not benefit from donations yet anyway; but it still benefits from scavenging of ; in its case; accessible refuse. Turned to art, in either case. For certaine cloth is still arte; even when it moves.


III. The Fashion Backdrop of the Past Affordability of Clothing, and more like; not.
So in places where tradi and not unfounded non tradi sores thriftstores, are available; was such in my teenage hood, and there was for any utility fashionable being, an avenue oh many things. But even affordability at thriftstores was not a thing, for you’d have to have at least a spare five, and I’d be lucke to have a spare cent. Still my “friends” had the mone to purchase there, and so I had to common: opportunity to peruse all the happenings, and learn about more subdivision tradi fashion; witch was ouside the mall; the main tradi fashion at, the time. I.E. the thriftstore.
theme, cliche: perusing all the happenings
but I must have;
mentioned this already, I found a $20 when I found a pair of pants toward the end of non adult teen visits to that store, in these old pair of pants; in that $20 I was able to by a much needed utility clothes; I meant buy, of course I only got to enjoy the waring and comfort of some of those for a few months, and not a collection’s years, or lifetime, even; since I was next as described elsewhere
again: citation: music, sarah mclachlan elsewhere
“sent away” where few non-uniformed clothes were allowed to be frequented if they did get “fitted” into your case, suit.
but certainly, later and now again, when the strife of shortage in moolah wattage didn’t appear for a long whilst
one can’t ever forget such moving experiences on the availabilite of resources: i.e. if even fashion,
and then not the basique abilite to procure some of the pieces of your personal and not personnel intereste
of course until later;
and it turns out that with clothing closets i.e. or other charitable type closets or both, because there are esp. boths i.e. booths in state: conn of the non thrift store variete but still the charitable closet variete, you don’t have to have the wattage moolah ; but you must have the trained eye to understand real worthe, and also have scene the fashion.
(on the more advanced psychological/emotional plus side, the scene was still as mentioned an experience of learning about fashion, inventory, and even wider portions of art, and of course about the selectivity of what was meant to be yours, if even the appeared $20 got there, and then the announcement to the person who worked behind the counter upon purchase: ” … the only reason I was able to purchase these items for myself and this gift for another, is because; I found this $20; I’m so surprised and grateful, and I finally after three years nearly have enough clothes again, as a child! oops I meant teenager; well young teenager, I only turned 13 last year …” so it also taught about basic needs both the store i.e. thrift, and the surprise: $20)
IV. The Pain of an UnScheduled Period is a Sign of?
while; being threatened with all forms of un-imaginables.

theme: said to me (from here), too often & again: I’m going to call the sheriff’s office and stage your … if you move one ounce.



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