Le! burden, impossib arte?

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art notes, continued, death box, continued

by goura fotadar
for the fictional voluntier project
tags: spiritual art, the death project art

date: 9516

for more of recente images see slides 159 thru 163 (I think)
(cited: voicethread)

have tea bags sitting on top of the napkins on for days, used tea bags,


next continue, to adhere napkins stained with tea all around the “box”
this time though didn’t use any flour here just a soap petal solution creating a draping of with the napkins stained with tea, in the sink
and then drape over other napkins and then sprinkle a bit of the next oil plate but dry with no water onto the the draping onto object

had an “oil” plate ready of loose leaf tea ve leaves and flour, and I think that’s it besides oil and pepper and then mixed through with hands and let sit for about 12 hours

then wet oil plate with water tea and petaled soap and add in waiting slightly mossed tangerine peels
scrape over the top now of the draped napkins
next add more wet non flour paper napkins and egg shells underneath

in it added waiting tangerine peels
and then tea ater.

then; sprinkle with your fingers atop of the wetness baking powder.

also see drying potpourri witch is a staging phase for this art piece, at present, and at least


theme: goodbye ,again
theme music again (citation): gotye somebody I used to know as heard on 9516 general radio


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