Ooh it’s the proof of magic.

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Ooh it’s the proof of magic.
in rough draft? or som’e-thing. (title, updated: 9116) (will I produce accompanying artwork.)

Word Diagrams for The FVP
“Illustrious”        : The State of “Well-Being”
what “might” it mean?
date: 6316, 61416, 61616
for The Fictional VolunTier Project or something
or something
theme: I think that’s good it’s like a riddle.
by Goura Fotadar
so think of the first word, you see
il negates the “lust”
right because in “common” language: what sounds like il is ill which means a negation in state of well-being
but in “common” language of slang lingo il which sounds like ill
also means “hip” as in “sick” as in “cool”

sophi the cliche way of wisdom
is a repetition

On Slides?
Other notes:
Do Dogs Speak?
How would you go about solving this basic, but highly useful problem.
And yes, it’s a problem and not just a question.
A side-diversion: To Think about. What’s the difference between the two: a question and a problem.
Is it a math problem. (back to this problem)
Number something … down the row, I would obviously define the term “speak”
I would know why I would define the term “speak” as the beginning of steps to try to solve ths problem, based on personal occupations.
Are you “seeing” how your mind or you or both goes toward: actual to solve this “problem” or further examine it. Is it based on how; as in in which modality, your time is occupied in. A lot of my current work, since at least; after college involves Language.

6716        The Sense of Arguments
cited: the general radio as available in San Jose CA on morning / afternoon of 6716
Notes of observation: Is the classical radio/ essentially spiritual-ethics encompassed. & what does that mean about the listener’s stance on ethical views of additional entertainment whilst attached to a classical radio/ and/or such musical station.
this morning, as the construction folks showed up,
and I heard ? yelling downstairs & outside at what I hoped wasn’t them
the usual radio that-was on: switched from whatever entertaining “pop” song
cite: NYSNC and POP
to on the-same station/s: discussion  on anatomy, explicit sex, and what seemed to also be or nearly border on pornography;
then, of course:
we as In I switched the station, and it fell into classical where I knew we’d I mean I’d be “safe” in-this-sense
I didn’t what the construction workers in their ear’s view to go into a systemic shock while working on a project/projects hearing potentially threatening yelling from ?,
all of the neighbors greeting them?,
and of course catching wisps of pornography on the-radio that I listen to; in addition, I’d rather not catch it , most of those myself.
So now it still sits on classical radio; what a nice program! and I’m not joking, as I continue to work in my sleep, ha! I’m still partially asleep,
and wait on the Internet starting up again, the connection seems to be not working. Maybe a more spiritual-ethical solution lies around to that also, that I just haven’t thought of. (yet.) Maybe it’s because there’s so much work to-do, without the internet at this point in my schedule, that I have some “time” to get-to: think of That.

But it is interesting, the spiritual-ethics as I’ve “called” it and not “labelled” it of the classical radio station. It’s almost a lesson at listening and comparison of how to-be: more on task, and less on so-and-so’s anatomy in the vulgar sense. For surely, if that were uhm your medical profession or something; than perhaps we’d I mean I’d have a differing argument.

syl la ble
sill , sound means la be el
sill means who chose to be el is female/girl/woman

cited: these webpages, as used for reference and accessed on the date, “snapped”

Screenshot (779)Screenshot (834)Screenshot (835)Screenshot (836)

Part. Next. A Careerism Manifesto. In some specialized level of Sociology at the Bachelor’s Degree Level.
Working the Ground for nearly or close-to Six Weeks; in the Hotel Business of Large Capacity.
Theme: Well, I like hotels; so it’s nice to do some work, in a hotel you like.
cited: The Marriott in Fremont, CA.

word of the day, as cited: through gmail email list
the study of : as a memorized framework of common knowledge context
ill ; the state of sickness; or the colloquialism: of “good” cool
vex: the exacerbate the state of … ( my working in-my-mind definition of vex)
vex the illness ‘o’ the study
is ‘o’ a connector or part of the logy: study of framework can’t remember and am not in this quickness willing to look-up
exacerbate the state of ill: oh! the study of
to reverse and perhaps create more “sense” to it:
the study of, Oh! vexing the state of ill
the study of, Oh! health since basic: vexing illness can be seen as the embodiment/enactment of health as opposed to waiting around for what it is seems to be an : achieved health
so to take the meaning contextually again:
the study of flags equals to the study of vexing the state of ill
the study of flags equals is equivalent to the enactment and/or an “attack” of health supposition / state of living in act of
so where “the study of” ” is equal to “the study of”
you change “the study of” to a constant
and then you work to equate flags to vexing ill or maybe rather vexing “good” cool
and since the “the study of” is now constant
with the reminder or perhaps not of the perhaps not superfluous ‘o’ included or not on limited research into logy or is ology?
find a connector that brings flags to be vexing “good” cool or vexing “ill” or both
flags must equal vex ill and/or vex “good” cool
what’s an example, with a connector that you might do so,
so one might be an action:
raising the flag is a connector
and is equated to either vexing ill or vexing good “cool” where by-the-way ill is used in its so-to: write traditional use of “sickness”
theme: this is so good
in other words:  the action of raise-ing a flag
may not be the study of the flag necessarily but that is a constant
it is however a connector to make-ing perhaps the raiser “healthy” or exacerbated in the state of “good” cool
in other words, to turn this colloquial it’s cool in a good way to raise “a” flag, and this makes you also “health” but perhaps as we glance at you raising the flag we see you turn red, vent in words or breath or both and whereas words maybe breath, and struggle in the action connector now transposed by the vexation
so essentially we have made flag equal to what we supposed, or I did where I is we (at least)
and should be thankful to the flag, the raiser, the concept of flag hereso defined, and surely more will come about,
but how about to the the
“study of” constant. Thank You! “study of” !
theme: that’s like one breakdown I could do more.

Brainstorming Conceptions,
The Economics Policy of the Work-Out Corner in your Office
(if even it’s a very small room)
what would you put in your corner and when do you have a framework for and /or context, if even cliche you aight you use in.

theme: outloud brainstorming to self

B. The Orthodontics Certificate/A Two-Year Program for a Dentist / Orthodontist Intermediary that is not a D.A. (dental assistant)

theme: call me crazy, there’s also the animal jaw to think of …


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