The Cumberbund

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The Cumberbund

Art Notes (cont.): The Death Box #4?
tags: art notes, the death project/art, grammar inclusions/tips, art decorations, and how-to another way to make potpourri
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 83016, 83116
the featurette of: the cleaning people and art charity
Then, since the new group of cleaning people were here; and of course, my relatives did not announce this to me; but as they are the rightful owners of this house, as I’m informed of it, I must succumb to whatever inappropriateness they inflict upon me?, until a few minutes past their arrival.

to see more slides, of the most recent images: see, slides 140-142, (cited, of course: voicethread) update: ’till slide: 147 in this set, I believe!

I had to move the thing, and somewhat quickly
and the glass props were also lost to the cleaning people,
and so the good thing though was that I have a few of my art pieces made to give away; and I was able to practice art charity, and hand them (the cleaning people) the “safety” rock which of course I’ve posted about, in this blog. yay! the opportunity, to practice the goodness (at least, goodness) of art charity
) (why the second, third paren?) A hint on grammar.

aging, the tea leaves in napkins. so I drank loose leaf black tea today and rested some napkins since there is no t.p. the napkins are no longer just being used for art creation, and of course; for “normal” personal hygiene care. the napkins rested on some unidentified kitchen oil which I had to add to pasta, to make it less gross looking; i.e. or more appetizing, they then with one of them storing the tea leaves; went into a stored sealed plastic container, and earlier today so; I removed them just within the hour, and sure enough they had turned upon early night into the scent of potpourri.             how wonderful.


The Penance of The Base, Continued.
Back to the thing, they and a hair wad from my personal wash is going to go onto the base of the thing, which of course ; witch of course did get made stronger with all of the added paper remnants, but upon the sudden knowledge that I must move it, and “waste” the tiny bit of saved flour solution, and lose the glass/non-glass props to the cleaning people, because I just did not have the time to stave them away, before they got here. In any case, they were just washed pieces of garbage, and glasses, and one stone from the backyard; nothing to penance over.
note: I hope you “get” I’m coking here; I meant joking of course. I’m adapting coking now to mean joking, in case it hadn’t already done so, in term. And of course I mean that I’m not actually prior to the adaptation of the word coking, but instead; again joking; and of course I mean that I am not joking about the steps so here described taken further to complete this art piece, but rather in the tone of the description; I am coking/joking; and in this space that’s what I hope you “get”.
but of course which broke apart at the shift, once moved it; and before my noticing the break in sight, I heard it in sound, but there was a quickness with which I had to move to place it in the closet, and I stored it on a collected of hygienic trash(es) paper grocery bag (which of course I hope to use for future art projects); that I purchased before l’hostage situation had escalated; with spare change; though I hardly have had any spare change of recent years, as is commonly now-known, and I so hope. It begs to be defined in the context of the word years, what might be recent. For me, in phase observation, since 2013, I’ve hardly had spare change for the first time in adult life. It’s a jarring re-experience of a horror in childhood, at the hands of a sever-ely incompetent familial clan, and way past a horde of work, which additionally is “supposed” to stave any such disgruntlements in re-experience. But some of us are just born unlucky. Not that that must be the case?
After they were done in here, I moved at least that again, and saw the break. In any case, it’s still being worked on. But one must always wonder in art creation; if it would have turned out another way, when it is done; had that break not happened.
Here are photographs of its current state.  But it’s night, and there’s only one working light in this room, in this designation.

I almost forgot to adde, that after, I had moved it again, and it had sat around for a while, I sprayed the thing down again with cited: lysol (found again.)

Recently, or more recently then; I strapped the thing down like a bride in taffeta and cotton with a cumberbund – l. u. I guess at ’tis point the taffeta would be the underneath layers.
and added in from a newly flour solution of paper napkins and layers of these upon the base and back, which is tough in material of flour and flower, a different flour; the latter in reference, I mean back.
But I also added one more cited: bounce sheet,
in its crest.

featurette 2: homeless dreams

; still working on the back.
the next mourning, go back to the above link, to see the slides past 142, that have been uploaded with regard to this piece, at present.
grabbed an egg’s shells and soaked it, egg/ and them its shells:  in the flour solution waiting in the sink.
thematic builder/tagline: an egg and its shells.

the flour solution is a lot thicker at resting/sitting overnight,
I added the shells onto a napkin and then of course more napkins after they all soaked in the flour solution, and to the breaking base, which almost seams to break at each photograph;
and then I’m adding more saved from recent use loose leaf tea leaves this time spread out with flour and water upon the back, to add a toughness, to the now making paper: fabric.
which of course (they, the t.l.) had been resting in a paper bag, among other napkins, and heated tangerines, and mint leaves, to create again a temporary potpourri, another

nevermind, the bag also contained curry leaves; I s’pose I forgot all that I quickly grabbed thus mourning.

featurette: walking on egg shells
spreading out the tea leaves and folding more soaked in f. solution napkins onto the thing; sorry for the repeating,
until the solution was mostly used up
I’ve decided to add baking powder atop to help it form ; once photographed with baking powder, now-then added/sprinkled; do I dare myself or test it; (re-adapated), to photograph, again.


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