Some # The Verification

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Some # The Verification
Art Notes: The Death Box 4 or some #, Continued …
for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date: 82916
theme & citation : rum’s theory 2, as available on amazon dot com for free

to see, more updated images of this process, as performed below:
slides 131 to 139

days of resting teabags, and used coffee beans, used implied prior? not sure but in any case, a verification: I mean used teabags; and teabag paper cover refuse (I forgot to include).

and the flour solution still sits in the sink,
at this point of basic art notes;
the thing looks a large obscurity mal-formed at base, and I’m going to photograph;
before adding more paper folk sunk in solution,
I have more cited: t.b. (taco bell) collectibles, in the paper adhere-ing sense to fragment onto top or iron first?
we’ll see as I roughly but accurately (with, hope) record the process, as it continues …
in the hope of completing, what is turning into a complex art piece made from trash.

Worked More: The theme of prostitution
I covered the cited: t.b. remnants in torn pants that were insulted, and am preparing to briefly iron over to make the papers more pliable.
I dumped two cited: bounce sheets cured from tea bags; tea bags, that were now mossing into the sink solution
they the cited: bounce sheets  were stored along with … above an empty plastic box of no food remaining but not yet washed out with more used tea bags inside and underneath the base of this art piece, still incomplete of the death box, this death box
I turned over the death box, this one sideways in the other sink,
and it waits there as photographed to be worked more.

then adhered the cited: bounce, dryer sheets on top of the refuse, just added to the “front” of the death box, this death box
once ironed the cited: t.b. stuff added more flour to the solution and washed (w)rung the remnants in the solution, like a crumpled up; as in, washing a cloth/s
and also added the other trash remnants of the meal like used sauce packets on top of dryer sheets as photographed (see images)

the goal is to escape trash, and to transform trash

moved at least once, at that sink base
and secured to the best of its temporarily falling in layers abilite
and dripped more flour water, solution over the top
and of course closed this next sink so that the dripping water would collect and create more moisture toward the thing, in proximity (as it fastens to cohesive completion: a sprint, it’s surely not)
(see images)


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