Pear Cliche, i.e.; & Rum’s Theory 2

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First Level. Rum’s Theory 2 by me, Goura Fotadar is available for free, starting tomorrow; for five days,

but also this way through kindleunlimited.

First Level Intro. Below is the link to download, on Amazon, it is.

But first, here is a brief, copy describer, of it:

2nd Level. Rum’s Theory 2, another, description, written by Goura Fotadar (obvious)
date, first created-description: 82716
This Rum’s Theory,
the second one in the series, this series;
theme: The edibility of art consumption in art construction theory; in culinary theory, and culinary floral theory.

3rd Level. art for this work, made by me (obvious)pearcliche

3rd Level Intro. cited: Amazon & Amazon Kindle.

Screenshot (358)

(The Link to Download the Book, …)




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