The Toilet Flush: On Abstract Thought

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The Toilet Flush: On Abstract Thought
Threatening Notes: The Evolution of Water Flush,s
thematic: the fiction, “purplement” coming at some stance.
theme 1: an art conception
theme 2: (inquiry) the toilet r-u-n-s in drought?
theme 3: rough from the exhaustion of abuse, and witnessed abuse
date: 82316
for The FVP
by Goura Fotadar


theme : conservation’s enemies, the reality scape … “you’re only allowed to use this part (only) …!” in sentiment

Part one. The Zena Portions Water, Liquid, and Goods
The zena, who I requested; instead of non-zena’s  non-zena hardly qualifying “posse”
(here), is now in the bah-room in this roam;  with non-zena’s non-zena  declaring there is know zena everywhere; and perhaps you might want to re-consider and non-zena’s non-zena’s yells in non-formulated disbelief.
theorie: you (must) formulate to earn disbelief. Define an enactment of formulation.

part middle. On “secret” communication citing: delusional disorder, of the cited: dsm (some version?), and that one, cited: psychopathology course, in the graduate level.
zenas are in the middle of their w-(zena) days.
and does water have the capacity to alleviate pressure problematics. Yes, yes, yells the 5th year sold.

Part Two. The Non-Zena’s Non-Enterprise / Non-Zena Earnings = Non-Earnings of Zena Value
The Un-ordinary; zenas:  how will it end.


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