very basic; verde basique thought commentary on the socialism of pornography

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very basic; verde basique thought commentary on the socialism of pornography
Theme Tag Label: I Hate pornography Social Commentary on The “… porno”

tags/theme: commentary on pornos on the small scale
tags; public welfare, mental hygiene, need based innovation
for The FVP
by goura fotadar
date: 81816

theme: avoiding puke
theme music (citation): as accessed through youtube dot com on 81816 Harley Quinn & The Joker – Gangsta

When I was in college, I was exposed to pornography for the first time ever; hard to believe, perhaps, that I survived that far into adulthood without any exposure to such.

I was looking just now for a pornography video that was consumed by several as an informative tool from what I understood; to be a ridiculing matter of pornography in college.
I blinked my eyes, and before I knew it; somebody was playing the porno quickly and it was over.
I searched, but cannot find it; so I suppose I will have to do this basic social commentary from long ago memory; college (undergrad) was a very long time ago for me.

I nearly puked.
I just have that.
The video, short clip seems to have escaped my thorough enough search on the web stream.
Is it still there likely captures the sentiment.
From memory, I remember this porno, which sound so much like : Pore No! or an advertisment s for cited: Biore strips as I think they used to appear in the early 2000s right around the time I entered college.

Also including prostitution; and I thought as I felt bad for neither incumbent in this almost contreversay [sp?] of video; how god awful it must be to have to work as a prostitute not because of some form of addiction; for surely, this might be able to form; but instead because of a need for another form: loota
the near violent gesticulations of what is my memory of this horrid but brief almost educational video, made me nearly puke again. And for those of us that have not been celibate all our lives, very discerning of what is the premise of the term: Sex.

Though edifying; I can’t say from the barely brief almost forced views of pornography I’ve since encountered in both the straight gay and all between populations; almost always in an educational/and-or work related setting. I can’t in my roof’s mind; understand why nobody can innovate a better less pukey way of edifying others about perhaps the rigors of prostitution; addiction; and cash assistance?

But unfortunately, I cannot cite: this purpuric reference here; as it will not be found!
and if you wanted to use volitional thinking as changing code: existence? to turn it almost fictional,
perhaps I really do not want to view this gross thing again; sorry all hookers who work the hook to resolve issues of personal welfare one for the other? I imagine but hope not for. For how could one be a contriver of society while hoping for such involitale jurisdiction.
& so poof! it for now, does not appear.


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