The Art Concept: Commuter Artistic Frame

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The Art Concept: Commuter Artistic Frame


One reason mediums exist: a how-to procure (any) knowledge

tags: synopses , and “rough” brainstorming, and study, computer science advantage

             Part One. The Medium Transition to Knowledge Retention; medium at varying Levels of interface
Notes on “College Women’s Social Media Toolkit” (FDA)

Source, citation: (FDA U.S. Food & Drug Administration)  FDA Office of Women’s Health College Women’s Social Media Toolkit (as procured and consumed on 81716)

for the Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 81716

1) Instructions
so from the beginning imagery:
a reminder, to follow the instructions exactly as stated on the “bottle”

2) Independent yet Supported as a Translation to Health Modification
summary point: from beginning imagery and beginning text:
in college, it might be the start point of making comprehensive independent yet supported decisions about your own health; and particularly if you are woman/women.

3) Participate in the Knowledge available if even Time is Short.
(a) Study from (b) Research as in information already gone through, and available (to you)

4) Be aware of why? college may be the 1st heavier time to practice independent attention to personal health.
other points: The college student/consumer may make suggestions about what more specific information they’re looking for regarding a presentation on the marked provided topics; to save time.
theme: to save time.
5) Motivational Reminder Flyer in Kit
6) The Artistic Comprehension Approach: Is the imagery also representing common examples that come up in women’s college medical visits. It might help to visualize these, for what purpose?
Exemplified in Imagery:
Pill Instruction, Interpersonal contact with a Medical Authority, Provision of Independent medicinal dispensing, Health? frequencies of work-outs, and perhaps the Psychological Impacts of Socializing
7) As a developmental and potentially society influenced circumstance, why is college the first time the pigeon-hole of living independently flys in.

Part two. A thought on mediums
source, citation: voicethread lecture/class as attended on 81716

When you think of or hear the term “medium” do you Jump at the pretentious conception of it being a “highly” psychic “thing”  (by: the way, what does could “highly” … “thing” mean) Oh mean!
I was thinking that a podcast of use; your own voice alongside a use-able as “seen” by you image and recorded is the formation of a stance medium; readily available to its consumer as method to with, build knowledge.
Instead of an interpersonal conversation; the queries most of would be responded to with repeated medium as just described and so defined this medium perusal.

themes: per(s)
sonal, us-al


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