Sue’s Prompts or Sue’s Prompt

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Sue’s Prompts or Sue’s Prompt

An l’art trans late? the choice conception: female
for The FVP
by Goura Fotadar
date: 81516, 81616
tags: gender, conceptions, solidar, for the Witch Goura 3, The Death Project

sue aye side

the redefinition of suicide
cited: my past job/volunteer experience and repeatedly cited: kscu and on again 81516

Bizo Arte conceptee
Imagine a girl named Sue; witha name like that you can just imagine a lot of problems,
and a shirt with : name Sue on it.
and what would you think of next.
Are you on Sue’s side or Not.
Do you want her to make it against all those problems or Not.
Aye? or.

theme: guns
theme music: as heard on kscu on 81516 and “frankie got a gun” (? not sure of title) as heard on kscu in the days prior (and again)

part two. The Difference in Prompts
tags: reality, reality choices

How do you know when to respond to a “prompt”
it depends on what you (want) and that’s pretty much it.
If you want to get more sophisticated:
Prompt Didactic Breakdown/Compartmentalization
–Comprehension of a Received Prompt Versus Auto-Matic Response to “Noticing” a Prompt
–Desire of “Want”
–Volition of Choice Notice of “Why” Want
–Hence approx. for most “prompts” a 48-hour lag response of appropriateness
* obvious, here “prompts” symbolize reality major inserting itself into you minor
you have less “strength” than reality major, but teh abilite to control it through
your sophistication cognition of self-want cognition

theme: touch
theme music (citation): can’t touch this; m.c. hammer as heard on general radio 81616

part three.
it’s a brick stone symbolizing ?


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