“Rockonomics” : The Ethics (The Ethique) Dilemma

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“Rockonomics” : The Ethics  (The Ethique) Dilemma

for The FVP
by goura fotadar

date: 81216

where; depressed: using definition here : pushed down on, and in every way (infinite); not so necessarily in the clinical mindset way. Use the remote?

the criminology of economics.

They’re l i e ing
(subject: you need to use something.)
(you won’t pack, the thing you need to use; to bring “here” because it’s a security risk;
you need to go somewhere to “rest”
& ethically: you must rest, when you can “rest” but when you can;
and you cannot afford to go somewhere else than to: “here” to rest. )

insert the work equation.
if that which you go to place has inhabitants and those inhabitants are supposed to enable your rest, and they are l ie -ing
are they in timespan outworking you. (and actually, but not pretending.)
if not the space, should be a free space, since it was in the change of minds.
not originally as you can recall given only to you, as a space to use for at least “rest”

by the way,
to be educated what does “afford” mean when you outwork the current l ie ing inhabitants.

theme: landslides are good places to “rest” (if you can get there) theme song citation: champagne supernova/ oasis citation: general radio 81216
theme 2: pagne pag ne (how do you get to pang, because pagne sounds like pang; so phonetically) the pang of pain no longer exists, it implies get to where you no longer feel pain, and there the pain does not exist.
(1) they’ve said the t.v. is not working
(but I just checked and it’s working)
(2) they’ve said he’s sick, but he’s walking with more “spring” in his step than usual
(3) next, they’re gonna say the computer is broken
it’s not by-the-way: the “thing” you absolutely need to use to rest.
(4) the easier solution is to even walk or bus, to nearest public computer station; usually, those things are relatively secure. Better n’ than contributing to the demise of yourself via these rockonomics criminals. Because they won’t easily let you use the inhabitant protocol computer, you can be sure that they don’t know about any actual wealth. For work produced near you, even small work; like checking your email or printing out a doc.; with your tolerance and acceptance of it, makes you actually wealthy wealthier; but without the condition: of tolerance and acceptance; not the case. You may wonder how they entered the change of mind stream of seemingly posing as the experts of this inhabited at least rest space. For it may also be a work space. So by condition of their broken pattern unbroken, all anybody has to due to remove the theft of theirs from whoever actually owns the space, and from whoever is actually further “meant” “destined” “deserving” earning to use the space, if even recreationally; all you have to is move into the space, outwork most of those that particularly respond in action to rockonomics and turn the space ownership to the original stream owner(s). Who is> That’s less important. By basic logic, they don’t own the space. So unless you are l’hostage; you can numble and nimble your way to the a local inexpensive-ish or at least “affordable” computer station; the library is cheap ; but the printer workshop is usually still affordable for me; and inexpensive and professional for others. Secure enough, both usually are.
for literally any professional; as long as you make sure to logout; otherwise some “decent” administrator will catch it soon enough to log you out. So be as thorough as you can be!


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