It’s a Girl Rocking Chair.

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Top Gun Trigger From Memory.
for The FVP


a fun? Exercise
date: 8416, 8516, 8616

1.  Tag-Line: It’s a Girl Rocking Chair.

Source: Top Gun the movie
The Trigger: The Group
there is the group that stayed.

Quick two lines of memory from the mythical classic movie: “Top Gun” that haven’r re-scene is long times. It reminds me of pajames that glide in your movement past your feet and onto a clean floor that isn’t just freshly cleaned but that wouldn’t make those pajames immediately dirty: you’d have a few days of nights /mournings and may be even afternoons in those, before you’d have to switch to another preparing for the wash. He’s not part of the group that made it because to make it you’d have to in that specific grade, walk and not “just” show-up. Surely contrary to what the focus seems to suggest he’s not even the best or better of those men; and no wondr he’s not in the stay group; or the good looking central character that likely if all evens were dead and the truth came unfolded is the only woman in that actuale movie. Who else would focus that hard with a furrow of the forehead, and greet in civicness who it does not agree with, in consolation of consoled; and who else would demonstrate the authentique heroism to aloud state so may not be a safe bet. Where gender is controlled surely “ice man” is gotta be a woman moreso than the chick in short skirt almost banging or banging lips with the long-term? drop-out. If the winner is a woman against the standard better than loser drop-out long-term? men group, then this movie is either controlling misogyny, my life? jokes aside; or playing an overt game on your mind against the standard ’80s music, which is why is there so much side focus on the character almost a puzzle of “Ice Man” is he really in the area of men, sex, and banging lips, short skirts, and wild adventures? a man.

By the way, what would you guess is the trigger, here.

Part Two. The Death Box 4
See New Images, and pictures of notes:
(slides 82 through 85)

I had to delete a recording connected to this art lesson as posted virtually on voicethread; cited: voicethread lesson: l’arte criminologie
More Art Notes 8.6.16
D.B. 4 or number?
(1) dried out
over days on
a styro (1-over)
near window
(2) then turned
on tile
(3) theme: wear will I wash my arte’hand
took collected art
materials (and placed in empty sink stopper closed)  :
dried out
wipe rags,
stained with
tea bags, drying
tea bags, aged
near fruit almost
molding tea bag caves, I mean covers
theme: molding tea bag caves
tea bag covers, and tea
bag covers with
jasmine  in them
(4) in the
waiting solution
more any
flower and
layer the bottom
s (bags) +
covers +
base florals,
stained (with tea) rags,
. . . napkins
if can spare
no pun later.
(5) Because
short on napkins
broke off some
this paper
in puzzle openings
where “secure”)
to add strength to under Layers
of bott om puzzle
as well as fragmented
paper bag
with more
wrung out
consider making “abuse”
basic to cement somewhere
in sentiment

sprayed bottom
with cited : (more) Lysol

(now drying upside down
on b-room tiles)


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