Death Box 4: The Abuse Sentiment

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theme: sorry for the blur

As death box 3, is still forming in dry speed.
Death Box 4: The Abuse Sentiment
is continuing on its pilgrimage of good fortune.


for the FVP
by goura fotadar

still short on toilet paper,
I was able to to “grab” a few paper napkins for the db 4, and right the one roll of t.p. is stretching itself far enough in terms of personal hygiene notes.
Well, of course; hygiene must have to with life and so must have to do with death.
so again: t.p. is thematic thing, here in db work.

so this one to conserve my own safety, I’ve been able to record in detail less the steps of;
but it took me an arm and a leg to “grab” brab this empty box from the recycling bin, as I mentioned; my mother’s husband nearly killed me. I wish I were joking about that part. Uh, back to the db. the steps of the others/ and some other works of art; are outlined enough, I hope for this to be formulic activation on exhibition art enactment; to be follow-able enough.
So in a sink I added baking powder and dumped inthe box prior to any paper outside additions; stuffing one of the gaping holes (only?) on the inside with paper tea covers.
well the part of it I could fit in sink.
then overnight, with my relatives’ Escapee attitude I was able to get the thing some air in the space of night, usually my mother’s husband arrives late at night (from somewhere when he’s here loudly … ; this by-the-way, is my note-taking of what I assume he thinks are threats to my safety: just to keep a record of it.)  while I’m still working, and often adding to my art, and does what he wishes was a quick scan of the window-sills; it’s like a threat of violence for art stored/clearing itself on the sills; you’d think we were in a place of nation where creation of art, and its display were illegal; or any work, was. Apparently, they don’t understand what part of the World this is. And I’m certainly not trying to be a derogatory racist or something, and prolly; I should say neither am I that. As it that if weren’t and is blatant-blaringly obvious. Scuse, me for not not being a racist; uh it is tied to this DB; as it is an area of severe persecution toward me since my college years; Why goura why are you not racist? We’ll pretend you are. Really. And the abuse turns to a Death Box, 4; or oh something.
and water, neither necessarily hot or cold yet; just regular tap. then I took a napkin swished it around draped on the thing, and moved them here on rocks and window-sill switching it up to keep safe, and also furthering the cooking process. The napkin thinned out to a sheer quality: it must be the baking powder! when I looked at it this morning that will I hope help spread the good odor of florals, tea bag/leaves and orange/tange
dried peels through layers of paper, and thick cardboard.
then I added the flour, rice bit I had to the water+ baking powder and napkins and pieces of cleaned out wipes in twisted fragments the wipes to build stability and strength to the box /art box. and of course as just stated napkins, a few of draped over; I then ripped apart two brown paper bags and dipped them in the solution also and on top of and around the sides of the box. It’s now resting not on rocks, yet; and I should photograph soon. So far no letters have been added to it; and also I need to get the bottom. I think though I forgot to mention I sprayed the whole thing down with cited: lysol as the last box, and this is to improve texture frequency (as in textured appearance from basic necessities like a cited: lysol can).




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