A Statement, of Library, Purpose.

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A Statement, of Library, Purpose.

Thiis is non-fiction but based on something I procured through fiction;
Cited: The Bottle Game
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 7316

I was thinking of the cited: the bottle game,
or whatever it used to be called;
thank god it was never played in mychil’hood;
but still it was procured in description through fiction that you get at the local public library if you were fortunate enough to be able to get over there and check out a book, and not so much in fiction that was represented at your elementary or something library. I only mention elementary school because I don’t remember a library again in my school system; outside of a board — ing school I was sent away to, where of course it was on rare occasion and with special permission that we could check out any books, long enough to read them; but if you were in the library, you could at least peruse them; but my barely senior year, as part of my on-campus job back in this country, at the rich kid’s school, once-in-while I was in the library (and this school had one); though I was directed to pick the other job option on-campus and did; but other than that, there were many years after no access or barely access to the school libraries (if they existed) past elementary school. (Until college.) Except of course at the public library; but then often there was a waiting period of the book you really wanted (to read); there was no wanted forever option for the most part unless you got really lucky (as in from the bookstore or as a present). By fifth grade though; you could request reading lists, and that was spectacular.
Theme: Spectacular
Theme Art: Imagine Spectacular (to uncliche useful cliche) (cited: from wherever that useful cliche term is used)

I felt because of the school system in my school (that I attended from the 3-6th) grade, combined with its library; that I had learned more intellectual aptitude than most advanced performing college graduates; at the time. The library was particularly with regard to this, because it taught me all things that I would never have to do. Class taught me all of the things that I would need to know to function as a fully competent adult. I was grateful. I was aware enough to know that I did not attend a normal elementary from the 3-6th grade (which is the only grades it ran then), and not normal here; did not mean not a good thing.
I always felt that that specific library from that time, and not necessarily now; should be re-purposed in terms of cultural academic literary advancement protocols it was that large in my life, and lasting large. The Gods had Blessed Me with Good Fortune. With a library like that, nothing else in life could really batter.



(cited: voicethread)

In my neighborhood there were child designed obstacles games, pool games, and discussions of fashion, food, and gender. Advice on how-to avoid people you didn’t like. It was the poor man’s game, and the men were all still young boys. But only the few of them, the exception had the capability to design such living. The rest of them were just unjust pricks. Perhaps not to the irregular snob, here irregular is dusted in double pun mean; meaning the opposite of good. For surely there can be good snobs; my god I exist.

I was convinced that rich kids just weren’t cool like us the few the exception cited; marine corps recruiting line? unless of course they did something of real worth.
and I was including myself in this hence us here; but of course I wasn’t a boy, and didn’t want to be; close enough though I never felt lost out in what might have been otherwise termed only boyhood innovation of my generation.

So a book was checked out for me; I wish I could remember the name; I was young, and it was through the public library city system; it was something along the lines of a teenage only-girl wrestler, and I’m not sure if the cited: bottle game was included but the knowledge proclivity was. In it I saw the phases of my future life, and I wasn’t surprised. It was like a psychic reading of all that wasn’t worth it for me, and all that would be; because I already knew what was.
Then I got older, and there was that “poppy” movie, cited: 13 Going on 30; and I think it includes that game; but can’t be sure.


Then last night prior to a meditate, brake; really?
I watched again the video for that song, recentish, I think circa approx. last year but who knows for sure;
cited song: Gooey by Glass Animals as accessed again on youtube dot com on 73116

Who I see as the main character in that video no does not remind me of a boy in my neighborhood but another that I once saw later, and what the connection between the two is gender; so I somehow connect the conceptions of literary and/or artistic manifestations of gender to literature and to my real boyhood as a girl. But of course, I was the very fortunate child: to also have a girlhood. I am a girl, or was … and The Gods had blessed me again, by sprinkling only a very few young girls in the complex of condominiums that was for many years my childhood (live-stay). Nobody, from the neighborhood, of the exceptionally, exception; grabbed, me in that way, but some of the girls tried.
You’d think I was the boy they always wished to have a crush on (the few girls). (notice the pun on few, it can be really edifying.) It’s true most of my childhood beauty is more magical most not all sometimes the beatings swelled up for months; and no we didn’t go to the doctor; more magical uh yeah, than the most glorious of movie/fictional characters (boys, girls, men, women, and even other species). Ask the real exceptions and they’ll tell you; and that’s why they never had a crush on me. Notice the context meaning of real, here. they were part of that group; but some of them had to fake it. (The Ethics Snippet: The false professor, says; which group? and you’re supposed to be smart enough to understand context. How else would-learn to be ethical. )

The character in the video that I feel like I know personally; I sound like I’m writing a synaptic and synoptic undergraduate review, as the visiting professor, wants; and will he make it to a mainstay; I don’t know it depends on my write-up, I bet.
I know that character as a man who used to be a boy, and in the video he’s represented as a see-able she. It’s odd to you and maybe that’s why. I’m not sure gender exists in the sense of convention. I find it to be more of a transformative quest; gender progression through age. What I do as most sane people know to be, in existence; is anatomy. I have no desire to change mine, unless you’re talking about braces to the teeth (former but late), or a chop to the: my hair. The more vain of non-us for why would you want the vain in us, might see a chop of the hair in any fall of flesh to be the same as a gender change surgere. I cannot but completely disagree. How lowly evolved is in fact vanity. Are you surprised.

So I thought more deeply for many many years of my young developing life; about the cited: bottle game; or whatever it’s actually called; like I give a frick to recap the colloquial ness of vast experiences elementary to high, school just before the ship off and of course there was no ship, just long drawn out like carriages and animals who are too tired to movie flights. back,
why were kids ever playing such a game, and it’s really not about the lips smacking one another; it’s about who are the adults, and what they unfortunately could want; and even the opposite way where wear in circumstance at any age can you ever be allowed or consented to date. As if it were their choice, either way. It’s like being a gay man, in a society that hates gay people, and that entire society is your parents, and then you realize; their hatred in the way that is manifested for surely hatred must manifest in another better more upgraded way; is just too unevolved to ever form: society or even;  a world. Cruelty like that is just bad energie it starves people by making them lose their appetite the food just disappears. Long enough, and die young; but that death can still form a society; of better hate. I hate you for hating them, and so I starve and die. And now we have translation of hate; an upgrade that can be sustained for those akin to you, and of course; especially for you; in your next on-coming birth.

So I thought of this obstacle course this kid in my neighborhood designed. Cited: him. I should’t include that I didn’t play all of their games, because instead I was studying; and I was a girl. But I was the only girl that participated in some of their games; I don’t know if they wanted me there some of the time; but like I cared about what they wanted when there was what I wanted to care about instead; and this game included an upgraded version of obstacle avoiding kissing. If you made a mistake you had to kiss somebody on their hand. In its virginity it almost seems church biblical, and I think I remember there were ties to the church biblical. And why would you want at that age, to have to kiss anything’s hand if even your own. But if you saw the cited: Virgin Mary; would you want to maybe kiss her hands? I don’t know. And if you did, want that; would you be sick?
I don’t know. You’d have to ask her her opinion.
So I’ve upgraded the game, more.  Because I know that I love myself more than he loves himself; and I just haven’t had the time: God! to think of how to upgrade his innovative cited: saving grace, innovation. So today, I have the time.
Now in an act of self-love and to erase the perverts that were many of our parents and/or the adults nearby; and to erase our imitation of them within boundaries that were clear to save ourselves from what was their “society” them ; cited: the “save” concept of christianity.
Everytime you make a mistake (and notice it or feel that you notice it) in the cliche: obstacle not, but cliche: obstacle that is life’s society,
kiss your own hand.
You Go! (who?) that was a very edifying game for me. The upgraded innovation. You’d be surprised how much kids can teach, and inform you. (if they are in fact kids.)

So thanks libraries.

Here’s the code diagram, play.
Cited: W.S. Library, Mission Springs in W. S. , a kid’s obstacle games, the players, and the innovation of the hand kiss

theme: On-the-Ball
theme music (citation): Lil’ Wayne Rich as … , as heard on the radio, general on 73116
IN:  cliche: obstacle  & in not: cliche obstacle
when x: mistake ==> when x: commits non-x
x kiss x(hand)
now, define kiss for you x (theme: oh my god, tis so hard.)
my definition that you’re welcome’d to use, is the intertext with yourself
my definition of kiss is:
cited: my f blog,
https://gouravolunteer.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/self-depressed-board-art-concept-i-hate-intentional-errors-of-lie-but-i-dont-consider-typos-intentional-errors-of-lie-this-is-my-modality-one-of-of-art-forme-the-exercise-as-designed-by-me/ (as posted on 72916)



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