Art Form: TV Screens and Imaginations

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Art Form: TV Screens and Imaginations
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 72016–72216


Part One.
Cooking and Psychology: In Theory Emotion, Continued.
Review of ” … copycat GirlScout Cookies …”
tags: psychic? mediums response, the spirit work out, study notes, food notes, computer notes, mind channels
date, started; technically yes, easter–day,
but officially today: 71816, 71916, 72016
theme: while I wait, I doubt it.

Book Source:
9 Types of Girl Scout Cookies: Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Flavors (Prime Publishing LLC)
1. It’s like  secret cookbook; that implies freedom.
2. I agree about the “thin mint” cookies. Not a big chocolate-mint combination lover, I still love these cookies. In a grippingly put-down tone: usually when I eat mint and chocolate combinations, I can only tast e t he bint I mean mint and until the very end I only get the snap of chcolate. Perhaps that’s its purpose mint-choclate combination to save those that don’t like chocolate’s strongness and prefer instead mint’s overtness.
examples of mint-chocolate combinations outside of “Girl Scout” Community Cookie-dom,
is / are
cited: hail merry chocolate mint
cited: andes chocolate mints
then of course there are the other mint with “white” and such combinations but unless the “white” is white chocolate ; it doesn’t necessarily have relevance here since we, I am talking about mint/chocolate. So why’d I bring it up.

Notice: the “thin mint” cookie recipe is an egg-free recipe. in case you’re trying to save money for purpose? like being poor isn’t an active choice, perhaps in this choice you desire to say
ave. money on eggs by not purchasing them.
Does this make eggs, their “layers” and co-conspirators
your beneficiaries and how can a non-being: the egg … s
be a beneficiary. Do you believe in New Age doms, because it sounds like here you (and not me!) believe in them. If so are they effective.



Part Two. Spiritual Theory Applied from Computer Formatting  
The Intersection of Theology and Computer Science?
with a necessary prior study of psychology
( more study notes )

Note 1. (             )

Note 2.
mind channels,
cited: general radio as heard on 72016
“Layla … ” (Eric Clapton)
” … me on my” nays
just to make the whole song/ thing in your mind more hygienic
theme: Uh! childhood nightmares (of others) Uh!

Note 3. Perhaps this is obvious, but certain commonly used “curtain” programs are/ is like a meditation technique where the you often wonder about who is the creator leading you to create images with the quality, and I don’t mean necessarily the author of …
they become such based on your requests of what you want of what the creator is willing to give?
and at least within this module the creator of the program knows who you are by what you want within the creators domains of availability to you.
theme: I don’t get it why would that be offensive; it would be helpful for some-thing at the creator level to have an actual accurate and reliable record of what I am. Records like that certainly can’t be lost.

Note 4. A Child’s Mind Exercise of Exponential Sky.
Imagine a plane in the sky that you can see semi-clearly
Imagine yourself jumping into the plane from where you rest in land
and imagine yourself submerged into the space of the plane

Note 5. A Metaphysical Exercise of Mind Stability Testing.
Imagine a television set from perhaps the 60s or so with two antennae
implant this television into the mind of any other that you can think of, in your imagination
turn the screen of the television to various black colors: white, pink, green
for each color,
“feel” with your mind
the sense that the color gives you about the being you implanted with television, in your imagination

Note 6. Perhaps the best way for you to continue to exist, is to invent a meditation technique that works for you. It might be an application and-or applications of oher’s techniques combined to form a new technique. When you:  this, are you in fact transforming yourself. Because you have sustained a method if only used by you, or more; perhaps past your existence. It allows you to know further in the case of meditation or even another thing; what works for you, and thus what you are, and thus what you have become potentially “through it”; it thus is an art/arte of personal art transformation. You have been transformed by it.

To take a combination example of potentially transformation meditation, akin to the cited: mudita practice for one’s self; cited: modern-day theravada buddhism; perhaps best
this combination practiced by a childs’ age-group.
take the the past posted example on this blog of star meditation practice
and then the note 4. above
you jump into the star as you would the plane, that nobody is; that you have a picture of in your mind,
(so draw the picture!)
and then you grab the star and hug it,
and it is then pictured in you mind as becoming you.



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