Food Notes Number 1

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Food Notes Number 1

Food Notes & Psychology, So Obvious!
also an art review
tag: culinary theory as activated in acquirement and tis application to your psyche
by Goura Fotadar
date: 71016 , 71116
source:  Best Recipes Ever! (Pillsbury) Vol. 21, no.9

Screenshot (1097)

source:  Best Recipes Ever! (Pillsbury) Vol. 21, no.9

Note 1. Don’t you just love the cover. Would you before really reading it guess it were a chocolate pie and cream, ice.
on closer look, it says “caramel fudge pie”
but reality could have changed and the fudge newly added
an implement instruction on how to serve the thing surely further
what’s a synonym for edify  * I think it’s veneer, too.
surely further veneered by the implement instruction of how to serve (again) while you eat, or maybe it’s psychological how could food and the appreciation of it not be, so if you’re sane are your tastes better, and if you are completely further sane, are your tastes perfect.
maybe; I just didn’t notice the caramel because I didn’t take to it at sometime, but I like it enough for it to be kept and kept means consumed, around. I think caramel is a taste that groans on you without age in time pace, and it’s not chocolate, wine, or cigarettes: which they all lie about it, or even; dental floss, habits, are yours of perfect or even good tastings.
theme: desserts are the epitome of Life
theme music: I just can’t get enough (joke-ing)
actual, theme music: sarah mclachlan sweet surrender  (cited general radio on that last date of this write-up)

Note 2. whatever your preferences, the front cover in case you didn’t know is always art.  
as an associated note in free-form redemption, an art piece I have since constructed propped next to it, is so much like my bun, of hair. on atop of my head. Masculine masking are you.
I was thinking that it’s easier to eat such a dessert, with your hair atop a bun. you know what isn’t easier is working out elongated with your hair atop a bun, it starts to hurt. And this description reminds me of an oven. You bet this thing didn’t take one. As in this dessert. If you leave something in the oven tool long, it starts to hurt. So pull it out! I feel like I’m describing a really bad sex interaction. Dessert is so much better than bad, or even really bad. Contradiction the really good to the really bad catches on the really.

Note 3. Lovely that you can click on this magazine form as opposed to free-form and it gets to where you need it to go of your interest. I think saw “SPC SPECIALS” and thought of specks a synonym for, apparently it is to me now that food’s meditation state makes one think more critically about words, and this level of new criticality is a better;
than good.
I think I’m going to look at the pie more closely by clicking my mouse,
and doesn’t that sound so magical, I’m thinking of the movie I watched while on I think h-less pilgrimage with my then not-yet expired amazon prime membership from my past non-pilgrimage-ish life (can’t afford it currently) anyhow it was the cited: cinderalla not esque but almost essentially movie likely for little kids but good enough for any adult, while on break at the public library from working on soul pieces, where other poor and h-less people albeit a select group “got in” to that library to also study-ish activities and watch movies on the then 3-hour limit. Apparently, adult school works miracles. Anyhow, in reminder this movie, and the more obvious, cited: (traditional) cinder-ella I guess I meant ella and not alla up there, it’s a reminder of how clicking my mouse, or you clicking yours is actually a magical experience of tech savvy “real’ life, and does this remind you of savory. And can a dessert or is a dessert ever savory.

Note 4. After a night’ rest, I think I’m going to click on page one-hundred from the cover to get a closer look at the pie, piece. But not before adding to a note to rum’s theory 2. After making the magical click to this page and its follower page 101, I feel so excited. It’s funny, I think you think that you don’t know that looking at food flavorings i.e. notifications of food attributes and food as in dishes of food you know as in a complete dish of food, actually makes you better at food, and even though you might not be eating it at the same time. Isn’t that something. Food is an obvious implement to discipline. Somebody who doesn’t like food and pretends to be disciplined must be (stress on the:) pretending. And then you wonder, could the pretend go either way.

Screenshot (1105)

source:  Best Recipes Ever! (Pillsbury) Vol. 21, no.9
Now, about the page: first of all<
I don’t even know what a “Pavlova” is but tis sounds, familiar.
Second of all<
a dessert lover albeit be conscious of the fact: that dessert is also still food. If you love dessert only, not me but you; you still love, like (some food). and Likely from my above preposition do not have problems with ;
Discipline. (whoever tells you otherwise is prolly lying, and not in the “good” way of lies.)

Discipline poem: on fiction blog, check it out there, post’d on 71116

Continuing on, based on the “variation tip” doing a quick scan of the original dessert image, it definitely looks brownie-ish, and certainly I wouldn’t have thought to look and notice if ever not eaten, and so;
without the “variation tip” when you eat something again, you might not remember to note, as in- become veered to what you are actually eating in the meditation that is food consumption. Oh the energy.
I should also cite: traditional theravada buddhist practices on how-to eat, food.

to me, “pavlova” sounds like structure lover and not even cement lover or love

Note 5. Don’t have the time to cook?  there maybe nothing wrong with you with that regard. Based on the cooking times of these two, yummy! desserts (just a guess on their flavor); cooking just isn’t a time-minus, objectification; I know that from own practice of it, well when I had access to the kitchen/oven. But I think I’m conveying the sentiment that of experience of those from the outside who are judged for not cooking “enough” because there isn’t just the time. Well, it doesn’t take that long, may not be a correct assessment of cooking time and especially when it’s factored into outside of your work time. When will you rest? Anyway, these two yummy recipes have cook times that point to repudiate my theory, as you can view of: on the accompanied screenshots from digital mag. which theory?
” 2 hours 20 minutes” and ” 4 hours 5 minutes”

Theme: you just have to wait too long to eat desserts esp. when you’re making them. Does it really help to speed up the cooling process to mouth storage by sticking them in the fridge/oven.

this is where I’m leaving off for this set:
(look forward to the next one)


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