Art Creation : Evolution

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Art Creation : Evolution

date: 7516
by Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Theme: Out-ter travel
Theme Music: George Michael / Faith
citation: general radio on 7516

Notes from “HumBio” Kids’ Book by “Stanford Unin”
as accessed by Amazon Kindle (for-free)
on 7.5: 16
took screen – shot of memorable

Screenshot (970)
page . . . pages,
to come.

Outlandish Ideas?
Art tags:
Theme with the image from text
of space – shuttle
suggests with the (bold)
“Human Variations”
right beneath it;
almost the sci-fic concept of exam’ing – examining
the obvious nearly so translated to reality travel to past local globe places,
to study such: “Human Variations.” It appears from the text’s proclamation
the space shuttle is an absolute and/or near: absolute resolution to such
globe past place, passed? if even the study and/or such space shuttle
image-d is adapted past itself current-ish to furthering of itself
in Evolution.


So there’s been
the climber from Book, theme, image,
to larger basic
concept : art
It’s almost like being at religion.


More in-depth citation?
“Human Biology-Genetics”
“HumBio – Stanford U”
“H.C. Heller & M.L. Kiely”


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