Among Light Blue

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                      Among Light Blue

by Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Part I. The Video Details … a of

cited: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
art charity, “magic” potpourri package notes,
as described theme cited connection in video, included
dates: 63016, 7116, 7216
tags: construction conception, art education phases

bells are the two lid/tops of beer bottles
petals, tea bag container, baking powder
cited: two bounce sheets
foil inclusion to save dental floss in this case
ironing on top prior to writing on this one, and addition of small amount of dental floss; to add security to creation
with foil, themed in creation: origami
then when cool, tied up with d.f. written on there/on it, legible enough?
“Bell” The
By The FVP and today’s date



Part II.  Theme: (basic) Does Purveying Art and Not necessarily creating it, have something to do with classism, historically examining.
per posting yesterday:
through exhibit on cited: voicethread,
more notes to consider:
define exhibit: ex, hi, bit: a former greeting no longer available in small size; so does equate an extended greeting.

Part (a) Classism and Art: A New Application of Voicethread Art Exhibition.
Does it have something to do with past, class-ism; uh I mean, nowadays, most people even the h-less have access to the internet for example: even, at a public library; and if somehow informed about “untouchable” art, as in art that cannot be reached without the expense of travel to it and/or reaching nearby to it; and not in the caste system sense; almost is it, opposite connotation of this term. Somehow “finding out” about art, even when not near to it, and unable to reach it because of cost limitations; what other limitations could there be; and with the nowadays easy access to online, viewing the art, cuts through likely generations and maybe even centuries of classism in art purveyance. Now, you have a new knowledge, tool: art, at your beck-and-call: and your purveyance of it, also at your beck-and-relative call; depending on the limitations of internet access: for example, limited past what you might need, library internet access?

Part (b) The Metaphysical Rent-Slant.
define: Rent;
entR, R, ent. (abbreviated)
Outlines of Level
1. The pieces of art, art works, take up space in person, and the playing of audio recordings connected to the information and/or of the information of these pieces, while the pieces are purveyed, and the rant played for the purveyors to absorb while in observation of the art pieces do these in addition to the sense experience the version of it that is sense-physical experience-enactment, pay the Rent. as in cause you, yous to entR or be of are entering enterer. And is this want Rent actually means.
2. So then, the virtual experience turned into what could become a physical experience; although physical doesn’t really make sense since even viewing these art images in a studio, virtual like exhibit is still a physical experience, and even a movement experience; so what differentiates the experience of visiting art/ art objects in-person verses art objects/art through something like the cited: vt experience, a virtual reality. Is it just the colloquial version of the term “in-person”
in experience differentiation.

theme exercise: what is culture. vulture with a c. whatever sticks out from the vulture’s view is culture. the taste of lemon is stained into the flavor of the mug of coffee; and I think the chocolate drops helped cultivate that.

The Reality of PracticeinVirtual Transformed to a real/”in-person” Reality
ok, so picking up: on the virtual experience and using it as a “learning tool” as cited: vt is,
to create in this case, the vision and experience of metaphysical realities for oneself; because otherwise, a physical visit in-person may be less levitating in this regard for one’s casual voyeurism into one’s own reality. Here, the concept might be that what you see, learn, experience , … blah; might all obviously influence and perhaps thus also change your own version of your reality if those endeavors of knowledge, experience are procured appropriately. The metaphysical avenue might be a useful way to procure appropriately information, knowledge, etc. … into your mind’s reality, for example. Also, how might you build a “real” in-person visitor-visiting exhibit or any other related venue from practice through a virtual tool such as cited:
so for example,
to take the posting on wordpress, my volunteer blog, one blog of mine, and also the link to the cited: vt experiential art lesson, to create the further experience past the point of exhibit virtual view of art, in experience, of art creation in steps first the overview of nearly all the steps planned on take-ing and taken as modified from the plan and/or as plan further developed, then the basic general steps as taken in art creation of this specific art object/piece
so citing the wordpress post:
start with what you think is set-up (by you the creator) to create the title / name of the exhibit “in-person” space
In this case, I created the blog post, and meant for the potential example of creation to “in-person” space as a replacement virtual space to an “in-person” space to counteract classism to the “false” cause of for the inhibition of knowledge-spreading; so the counteraction of classism with a specific clause
again, cited: :

anyhow; the title of the place or name of the place; is this blog posting’s signature art:
“It’s like a virtual studio” and then
in artistic concept the virtual portion of the studio instead of playing, in the background on possibly a slide show, except of course the audio recordings, which as stated in posting might be background music as in informational banter; but not necessarily in slideshow -ish quite format, hence not viewable in this context, non-virtual,
would be handed onto the exhibit “in-person” (used twice, “in-person”) enters; “in-person” as in contextual meaning.
next in terms, of the title of the place or name of the place; after this,
is what might hang in paint or some print form of sign with the title of the space or name of the place put up in heading format at the border of the space construction; but it could also be on the bottom border, and the theme: again in print format on the doors or on the window panes, :
“art/conception: I feel like I’m inside and looking at these portions of the art creation in-person and these are memories of them as the recordings are playing of my memory intake processing (or something)”
(in conception ideas, the theme has the feeling that it may easily corrode or “dirty” on top of paint, who knows why.)

next, inside would be separate portions of this art project in the “in-person” format, where instead of just the one completed phase object/art; there would extre beginning to intermediate to completion steps, to do a demo still “in-person” of the art object; hence the sentiment of experiential lesson, conserved.
note: however, again how classism is counteracted even for the educator artist, since; uhm; I don’t have money at this point in my career, and all to most of my art ingredients are collected either through conservation or created through more severe conservation by making what could have become trash and has then prior-to being emptied through necessary use (the attitude of conservation further embodied)

(3) so then because the metaphysical experience might need more explanation using the virtual studio exhibit as cited, again:
and perhaps you can think of more avenues of why the metaphysical experience might be useful, additionally to the sense “in-person” experience than those described, already.
but anyhow, moving to the attempt at metaphysical experience/differentiation description,
the eye catches in slanted looking the images of the virtual studio exhibit
the ear hears the eventual sounds of the audio explanations and introduction(s)
the “artist’s”  mind senses the texture of the ending in completion art piece
the sequence of logic depicts how the piece may be housed, given available tools of placement; where placement may roughly equal housed
the mind further goes to conceptionns of housed, since it has come elsewhere and again here, noting: theme: housed,
and now the experience of metaphysical gaining of knowledge is also complete,
except for the recovery of certain words forming future conceptions as provided in this exhibit, virtual’s informational lesson in print/text also
then to add another leg to the completion a quick regurgitation in one’s mind / eye /speech of what can be recovered translating the metaphysical experience of virtual exhibit to current reality experience outside of the virtual exhibit and a memory flash of the light blue ish color of another art project posted more briefly in the learning tool;
the standout message: continue studying the tool, and among light blue 


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