The Six-Minute Rest is Over.

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To Post. to The FVP.  also includes “stuff” for The Death Project as part of The FVP.
by Goura Fotadar
dates added to: 61016, 61116, 61316

Part One.                   Succinct-Important Take-Aways for The Fictional VolunTier Project
theme: The Six-Minute Rest is Over.
theme 1: Succinct and Suffice/d
theme 2: Development Rings Activite  , la
notes of recovery; aka The Main Take-Away Point, that I am just again Cognizing! from a Recent Workshop: Remote Attendance. (I attended.)
(1) Tools of Explanation: are very Useful!

(2) Instruction Modality.


Part Two. Word Diagrams Not Quite of Interpretation / Meaning and Building Themes to Complete … Art, at least …
theme: I looked this up in undergarde; Under Garde ; I meant underguard I meant undergrad;
“suffice” with “time”
cited: as heard “lingo” at UC Berkeley
cited: yourdictionarydotcom as accessed on 61116

Screenshot (819)
The Quotes Versus The Quotes
One is Quotes as in referenced from-an Outside: Text/Speech/Word Source, and the other: is Quotes in the implied sense of speech, as stated, below: cited from nowhere else. (if that’s clear enough.)
Bizarre-Oh Word Diagrams: The Big Question Mark on Perspective.
sufficed time meaning interpretation: means time was adequate; and time is no longer adequate or the period of adequate time is gone. What does suffice mean again? cited: Screenshot (820)

yourdictionarydotcom as accessed on 61116; use the synonym … “adequate”
“time had sufficed” (this bit: “… time had sufficed” quoted from yourdictionarydotcom as accessed on 61116; ) interpretation,  means time had been adequate / (the) time had been enough  (the quotes in the theme skit below are meant as implied forms of speech and are not from another, outside text-form)
The Theme Skit.
theme: Uh! The “had-been”
theme: Uh! Gross “my feet are flaking on the bed among spots of woman’s blood” Uh! “I’m gonna throw that out, too” The blood or the flakes. (IN a pretentious voice of the faker of intelligence, the intended by it? un-intelligent: You threw the blood out.) (IN your voice in your head, rapidly; how would you not know that the flakes are implied in that statement; don’t ask, rapidly; in your head; they will provide another non-useful answer; say instead the obsequious: Oh, I’m sorry. I meant the flaking parts of my feet.) (Them: No response; and likely thinking for who wants to do more mind-reading of THEM at this point, as if they deserve it; she’s so PASSIVE) (So back to mind-reading equivocating yourself: (in your head, no-need to be rapid about it, if even you look spaced out) are you in fact passive, often always maybe sometimes or never / not, and if so is that bad; and if not is that good? and do you care about being good or bad one or the other? why?)

Part Three. Another version of A Sky Meditation; Resting Awake & As Part of The Death Project
cited: Traditional Sky Meditation/s
Preferably, on a day or night (any timely) when you see the Sky look really large; topless.
(But you are welcome to try it also on a day/night/evening when the Sky doesn’t look so large)
Imagine your self (with your eyes open) at the Sky and then falling down to where you are now
Do it again,
and again. Theme: It feels like the Death State of Rest.
theme: Birth, Jumps
theme artist / song: The Carpenters – (They Long To Be) Close To You Lyrics
citation: general radio on 61116

Part Three/Four. The Death Project/ The Death Box 2 Complete & More Theme Building.
It has been moved not completely dry into, the closet.
I’m going to photograph, and based on Part Two,
put in the words /phrase:
Time Adequate from the Word Diagram Not Quite In Part Two, above.
or to make it more poetic, Time Sufficer
Time (in the action of) (being) Adequate
so Ad: Equate! Time is a Sufficer.

Time Ad Equate  it almost sounds like
Add Time (is equivalent, to?)
Add Time … and We’re Almost back to the beginning where Time is like a fund
and in the Case of Death Box 2:
one that is added enough to … Life (as the factor whatever)?
so Time Sufficer, again.
and to “add” the obvious, The Advertisement of Time Equate as begged forth from the Not Quite Word Diagram to the Application of the Further Naming of Death Box 2,
as in Time Ad Equate
Suffice Ad is equivalent to succinct
In lengthier explanation: This is an advertisement of a Not Quite Word Diagram of the obvious that Suffice and succinct are nearly interchangeable as they are equivalents or better put: equivalent; and may concern the framework Time.

On an additional note:
suffice at first look to me, and perhaps that’s because it almost sounds this description about to come of a personal sociological photograph:
reminds to be of a combination (1st) of vice
and (2nd) of suffer
so suffer ice to with the repetition of ffs to: fight? the vice?
perhaps, vacation in the Snow/ice, when you feel too webbed incorrectly by vice
and/or move to the Snow/ice when that web feels un-able by you to break free from (perhaps not forever though the move may not be thus necessary)
but what does this have to do with suffice
suffice = suffer ice to fight: the worse suffer of vice
and that is also equal to adequate
adequate = suffer ice to fight: the worse suffer of vice (internally, or externally, or intermediary of every gradient, I imagine not the vice-stages but the applicability)
so adequate as implied by suffice
defines the discipline with which the adequacy in this course is achieved to sense of completion i.e., one knows how to fight the suffer of vice with a more adequate (in hopeful personability) suffer /ing
I’m not so sure of the difference between verbs and adjectives, but in this case, by the above lines, likely the verb suffice (defined as verb yes, cited dictionarydot com

Screenshot (821)Screenshot (822)) can-be used as an adjective because of its adroit discipline in meaning when held to my personal sociological appreciation internalization of this word in my comprehension framework.
Basic: What don’t you know about the application of your own personal framework of this word, suffice.
On further study, you could also try this with the inclusion of the interchangeable outlined above succinct.

more photographs, of the Time Sufficer aka The Death Box2








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