The Line Remains Un-filled.

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The Early Night Photography (as in recent post)
The Line Remains Un-filled.
5.30.16 More Art Notes: turned the DB2 over onto the new top and squeezed
yesterday and today more used teabag on-it. Waiting, for-it: to dry, more
before proceeding, to the next Steps.
theme: spirituality
theme music: what’s playing on
on kscu
citation combined:
as listened to on-the,
on 5dot30dot16
wait, not combined:
Come, Bind?

Spiritual Fiction Theme – Line : A Wave of
It Plagues!
All you have to do,
I mean
all she has
to due: Is to Wave
her hand: to raise,
the Wrong , Fully?


More DB2 notes: dried out flowers : lavender + green “general” twigs for about less than/
a week or a few days – daze on wax-paper near open windows for most of the hours in
the days. Then today
arrow to
a general
me forever
mixed those
with saved
cited: bounce
sheets +
rice flour
+ water
and left new top
still planted
on stones in Sink.
Protect ME
Maybe fill in the line;  if possi … with “Death Box 2” For – Ever
and-or A Wave of Death: It Plagues!

For the FVP & related Work/Projects:
Up-Coming Schedule & Not Personal WorkLog:
–seek sponsorship, for STAMPS
(one set should
be, enough for now)
–put out next one of
Go Away! series
–further pore-thru StoryCorpsU assign
–complete finished touches on Veteran’s interview, transcription
(at present : these are the needs
outside of everyday projects)
–obtain a copy of the R.O.


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