While on brake: foam; crime post art notes more,

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While on brake: foam; crime post
art notes more,

by goura fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
date: 5 dot 26 dot 16
had squeezed
cited: tulsi tea onto the sides from a used, teabag
and as hey: it stayed propped up on the stones,
and then had waited until today
and had a prepared brown bag soaked overnight ; it had been mildly used
and was of an interesting texture
cited: anderson bar, bags
soaked in petaled as-in flowers Soap and water solution in the Sink;
and then squeezed it out this morning / early afternoon
and torn apart into strap-able pieces
and then left drying out slightly in a bunch
and then soaked into / dipped into a rice flour mixture and adhered onto the sides of the Death Box 2
(and already had:) taken left-over petals as most were used as collected today to further fill the CRIME bottle
and also to put in some already petaled but expanding thus lotion …
and put them on the center of the new bottom and putting on top the rice-flour + water and only after this did I strap: with rice flour “glue” as in water mixture: on the ripped up soaked paper bag pieces, on the side of the new bottom or should I call it: onto the curves of separation from itself to something else: of for the death box 2
pushed down on by stones and also propped up with stones (in the sink)
{please photograph}


theme: the crime aspect, hangs forth, sills ’till death
theme artist / song: The Kinks / Alcohol
citation: npr dot org / music as accessed on 5 dot 26 dot 16

also: the mood doesn’t strike me today to squeeze more tea onto the thing,
so let me instead just now take the moment,
to cite the : of the tulsi tea and also the black tea, which I’ve already cited, for the use of this artwork-past and possibly also future, mostly: just trying to be covered in detail of the venue placements, uh yah.

cited: Black Tea : Great Value
Tulis (teabag): Organic India Tulsi Original “Holy Basil”


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