Hearts of Service (art charity continued)

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theme: hearts of service
theme music: “Like a river …” (lyrics)
citation: general radio 5 dot 15 16

As sent off on 5 dot 16 dot 16

In the mail today … (pick up, tomorrow?)
albany p.d. public welfare sentiment: cited screenshot as captured from YAHOO! search completed yesterday 5 dot 15 dot 16

Screenshot (703)
check card
check envelope
check estimated postage four stamps judging by weight; updated check: three stamps, I hope that’s enough to make it there

(A Public Welfare Goodwill


Thank You!
hearts of in air …

” I dream of being:
an ascetic.”

TY for your help +
support during my h-less
pilgrim-age. arrow to 2013-2014
(Included a P-F, EVER package
flowers + bake-ing “pouter” + envelope
to store for your public goodwill


Hearts Serve
(In Work,
Goura Fotadar &
The Fictional VolunTier Project
5 dot 15 dot 16



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