Analysis & Notes of Rumpelstiltskin: In this stage of Purvey with the Spiritual Cause and Cost

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Updates as of: 4.22.16 & 4.23.16
over-view: brief; 5dot8dot16 & 5dot13dot16
Themes: Employment Services, Spiritualism / Literary / Academic Spiritualism and does-this Translate to Your “Spiritual” iness or lack there-of in Real Life in Practice / Knowledge Enactment as In Informed Action , Correct Spelling , Payment Plans, Villains, Debt, Employment, Enslavement, Titles and Doctrine

Theme: Everytime I talk to him;
I have to have brain surgery (fiction morbidity suffering).

Date: 4.8.16
Analysis & Notes of Rumpelstiltskin: In this stage of Purvey with the Spiritual Cause and Cost
RumpelStiltSkin Discussion for The Fictional VolunTier Project
and as meant to be used for SP 20 and also for other endeavors, such as; The Death Project (too)
by goura fotadar
as accessed on 4.8.16
Source, Movie: through youtube as purveyed on 4.8.16
Rumpelstiltskin , 1987, The Cannon Movie Company

Screenshot (314)
citation: as accessed through youtube and still not completed watching as of 5dot13dot16

                             Classification A, In Regard: to Source Text
Note One,
” … Poor,  but … one beautiful daughter”
implies that poverty cannot at the start be cured by Beauty
and that time is a constraint in Beauty’s Power.
Erase Time, and can you undo that constraint?
and the poor is put in near opposition to the beautiful daughter
with the use of but
so it almost seems that he were poor and though were born to him by being his daughter
being beautiful made her not poor?

Note Two,
Timing Being Everything in Reading of This
” … he told him that he had a daughter who could spin gold out of straw. “
Assuming based on timing theory of this analysis, that the “miller” with the “beautiful daughter” was telling Truth;
well, then:
it is possible that (1) first description of his daughter is: that she is his solo daughter and that she is “beautiful” and this description at this: point the beginning of this fable or whatever it is: story, makes the description coming from the possible: All-Knower, highly reliable. & Isn’t it something to note: that in this form of literature we can take the voice of the all-knower and see it immediately and use it as an application for comprehension almost forcing us into a form of literary spiritualism that perhaps works againt-tsss our otherwise un-spiritual identity if such so existed.  This can then be termed Academia Spiritual as Opposed To perhaps just dependin’ on who you are to Religious Spiritual. Well, it depends on your personal formulation comprehension of yourself.
and that the second description for …
get back to this Later?

Theme: Mondays
Theme Song: Manic Monday
Theme Artist?
citation: general radio as heard / listened to on 4.8.16

note 3: The Wacky Spiritual Interpretation bordering of Fiction of Good Versus Bad.
Assuming he and he
are really bad
who knows about the all-knower
other than that the all-knower is enlightened (where all patterns are harnessed into the energy of enlightenment or something something)
and uh knows all?
citations: Modern Buddhism and uh, the un-defined concept or something of a GodHead
and she isn’t?   …  bad
maybe she’s just trying her best not to die
and if you don’t want to die, really bad in that way: given into taken into her account her situation (are you: taken into her account?)
perhaps you love yourself enough that you don’t want to die over some straw’d gold or whatever it is
and he the other
theme: oh there. it changed font no wonder.

Next note: or Note 4

Screenshot (315)
cited: dictionary dot com as accessed on 4 dot 8 dot 16

The King is so greedy
don’t you think
and certain:
the word usage of “avaricious”
points me to think of that:
and vice,
and you begin to wonder
that the title of King
seems inappropriate
because one that is King is that you’d assume of nearly ultimate power: for we have the All-Knower to consider in this passage and though it is not a character in It.
in any case, you’d think that a King, given his name and/or title
might have the resources to NEED spindle turnin’
to create for him STRAW’D GOLD?
if for one thing:

he might employ and with compensation such a being with such an ability
(because certainly she doesn’t seem employed but instead nearly and deathly so enslaved)
and for another thing:
once done-so not quite but you know his version of un-understood and certainly non-compassionate enslavement or its nearness in the absence of actual employment because in fact something of an employment through the lady’s seeking and becoming of result work as through aid and/or response of position filled and completed Work ?: after the work of the spindler or needler super-imposes the resources of the King: in this case straw and an empty room to work, but only at the near Death of Yourself?
the hanging threat, and albatross of vilification of the coming: aid
and the aid who savesyour life at least at this Stage,
(I’m tired) ! may now fall under into the category of villain or label,
and you wonder: now is Villain even within bad,
and if so are you bad, (change of character perspective, by-the-way lines away but in which direction)
because you’re the lady who can’t be Understood whether the others  be beast, male or female: and her only aid is the Villain. Right? In fact, we know nearly nothing about the Lady’s individual emotions and/or wants which in this case for every other minus the All-Knower who isn’t a character anyhow so for every other character in this hearsay fable; the wants are known. We can only assume that Lady’s wants are not to Die, as she seems compulsively bent on aiming above the Potential of Upcoming Death of Her Own Self In Case the Straw Does Not become Gold. Uhm.
(other notes: of fiction: basic lies are not deviate-ing against Truth; rather t
hey are Truth; they are what Maintain Truth.)

Theme: other notes: it tastes just like it smells

theme: change in style of emphasis font: throws (you) off.

                             Classification B, In Regard: to Source Movie

Note 1: How-to Create a Delusional Reality for Others (if not All) and Trap Somebody Who Appears Non-Delusional by just her ability to stand up to a Killer “Queen”. Or Delusional Traps versus WereWithal: The Fight for the Win, means Aid will Come? (Please refer Above.)

The Father’s delusional reality and is formed by just the first stage of lie as demonstrated in the order of the viewer’s view of source movie. However, the motivation for the lie is unclear, and /or kept S-E-C-R-E-T from the viewer(s). Obviously in analyses without evidence; assumptions are THE TRUTH; unless you are the God or somebody. cited: modern day Religion. The Godhead Knows All, Concept. Highly Useful for this Analysis.

Note additional to Note 1: Not being able to become delusional is a sign of ?   :
Enlightenment and/or – 1
“Supernatural” status – 2
and/or just plain ol’  “clear thinking” – 3  and is in fact this the three these tied together in a framework that connects one to the other, and is this in spiritual theory: a method to obviously perhaps becoming.

Note 2: The Economics Model of Interest in the Fable. Also, what does fable mean as-in has the word. Perhaps it is worth a look up.

Screenshot (317)
cited: merriam dash webster dot com

F- able
Fight able
For able
Ferocious able
The fab (colloquial ism?)
b leaf (become enlightened?)
be laf (become a court jester and/or have a sense of humor if even “faked”)
f, bale for, bale fight, bale, ferocious bale flirtatious bale fickle bale?
fb ale
fightback ale (a brand with letters/initials of ale; well that’s one way to pick a name: title)

Screenshot (316)
cited: dictionary dot com

To be as in has been continued from the above classification. (The First One, Classification.) Once Rumpelstiltskin as-has “knitted” the first set of (’cause it looks like atfirstLook: yarn) even with the payment of the gold necklace from the Were:With: Al to turn from straw to gold;
hasn’t he even with the lend of the resources from the King’s Kingdom
of sewing machinery and yarn, to the Were;With:Al

Screenshot (318)

cited: merriam dash webster dot com
Fiction Theme: I hear a yell, that’s a really cool roof; and I’m gonna draw or somethin’ that roof right now.  I’m so tired. God! (cited: as inspired by a segment in the source movie, and before left off … )
The Scribble is Caught (picture name)

he outearned the King with by making all that Gold. It almst seams lik a plan of somethin’ likely rumpelstiltskin and the cosmos to make him have the knowledge in time for the were;with;al’s request or rather and better said the King’s request of the were;with;al after and as her father “the miller” has invented a delusional reality out of his lie.

So in terms of wealth production at this level of work model:
rumpelstiltskin is at the highest tier
and the king and his kingdom are tied with the lady were;with;al
since she has been lent the yarn and the machinery and the room,
and we’re not sure yet; but perhaps food and clothes and cleaning cost also
to make the gold come out of the straw.
She seems out of her desperation and failure to be able to make the gold herself out of the straw; to have a replacement skill which is to readily be able to call to her aid, and as this version shows and hear the call of the bird:  when likely few others can who are not themselves birds, or something of that kin, hence the term likely:

rumple the walker or mover or who that hang on stilts whilst (something) kin will?
come to its aid

so that the bird and perhaps rumpelstiltskin are the kin and/or aid to Lady WereWithAl,
and then how can her father claim her to this system of kin,
when unless he is also part of the same kinship (of rumpel … and birds, possible?)
and unless she is part of more than one kinship
and in case the lady were with al is able to be in the company but not necessarily of kin of many different caste (uh, caste, what a bummer.) parties: the king’s hierarchy, the miller’s home and friends, and also the type that is rumpelstiltskin and the bird (as per this version of movie, and hence this far)
so in either case,
once the lady with her ability to seek aid in working off her debt as claimed upon her by perhaps her false father,

has worked off her debt of the basics in this situation of materials to make the gold,
because rumpelstiltskin is the real owned heir and/or maker of gold,
will she ever be able to work off the debt of her un-aiding father’s lie and her: participation in this lie,
even after enough gold has been made by rumpelstiltskin to give her freedom from the prison: of straw’d gold turns
and in either case,
that her payments to rumpelstiltskin are direct payments and or direct agreements instead
of traps of delusion where certainly and perhaps she is too afraid to back out of her: participation in her father’s lie,
and what this says:
is that at the very least perhaps if even the Villain Rumpelstiltskin does not create a delusion to receive payment, and this is only if we view
her father’s temporary freedom from her,
because we are not sure at this point in the movie,
how long it will be,
as payment for his lie-standing.
Her likely fear and in either case: active participation in this lie,
the interest of his payment : causing it to be a false payment
since the / if she does not die,
and does not work off her debt of participating in the lie,
she might return back to him,
and this time,
he will have no lie to rid of her again (perhaps).
So in this case: in the interest of ethics,
is creating a lie and then spreading to a delusion for others
of less-worse interaction as-in how it might affect/effect you and others;
then is,
participating ina lie,
out of fear.
In this case,
would it be better to Die,
as a consequence of somebody’s else:
if you were not brazen enough to defend the Truth.
and by Death,
you would be pulled into a wayward Defense of the Truth,
by whomever has theultimate:
power of Death. (or something or something)
(cited: The Death Project for The FVP)

Note 4: That’s Enough of an analysis for now and certainly enough of a Morbid Spiritual Slant (for me) for this section.

fiction (more) /poetry notes: stimuli or stimulus from the log
rump-el like prop-el
I’ve been spelling it wrong:
No Wonder!


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